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Boulder’s Finest Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

The Farm is a locally owned and operated Colorado dispensary in the heart of Boulder. Established in 2009, we pride ourselves in growing clean, potent, natural craft cannabis, for adults 21 and over.

With the passing of Amendment 64 in November of 2012, Colorado residents made it possible for marijuana consumers to exercise their civil liberties and legally purchase cannabis flower (buds), extracts and edibles. This legislation has allowed for The Farm to fulfill our vision of opening our doors to the public and offering some of the highest quality cannabis, vaporizers, and accessories available today.

Our knowledgeable staff is warm, welcoming, and excited to share our passion for the end of cannabis prohibition. Here at The Farm, you will find a professional, open, and consultative environment. Thank you for taking the time to visit us at our website and we hope to see you soon.


Locally Grown

The Farm cultivates 100% of our own craft cannabis in Boulder, CO, where our team consists of expert growers, master curers, educated bud-tenders, and many more passionate and dedicated members. We employ sustainable growing techniques with small-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant. Our goal is to consistently grow high-grade, craft cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects.

In addition to our extensive variety of signature Farm collection strains, we offer our guests the famous raw and uncut Hummingbird Brand CO2 extracted cannabis nectar, bubble hash, low-dose edibles, topicals, a huge selection of locally-sourced glass and Farm-branded merchandise.

At the Farm we are always striving to improve our knowledge and cultivation techniques in order to provide the community with the best cannabis education available. From seed to sale and everywhere in between, we are confident that you will find our products incomparable to the rest.

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