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Marijuana Strain Descriptions

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  • 303 headband dry macro

    303 Headband

    Headband (OG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel) x 303 Kush

    • Appearance: pale green/white buds with lime green leaves
    • Effect: soaring head high with a sleepy comedown
    • Aroma: sharp, deep, musky and limes
    • Taste: diesel, hearty, rich
  • Afghani


    Landrace from Afghanistan mountains

    • Appearance: tight, well formed christmas tree shaped nugs
    • Effect: relaxing, sedative, euphoric with pain relieving qualities
    • Aroma: spice, lavender, musk
    • Taste: spiced fruit, hash, cloves
  • Alpha Blue 2

    Alpha Blue

    Blue Dream x NYCD

    • Appearance: glistening, dense buds with reddish blue hues
    • Effect: cerebral, giggly, racy
    • Aroma: skittles, candy apples
    • Taste: fruity, sweet, robust
  • Alpha Cow

    Alpha Cow

    Alpha Blue x Purple Cow

    • Appearance: huge, dense, light colored buds
    • Effect: light, cerebral, positive and calm
    • Aroma: overripe blueberries, toffee
    • Taste: smooth, fresh, berry pastry
  • Alpha Express

    Alpha Express

    Alpha Blue x Ghost Trainwreck Haze 9

    • Appearance: calyxed out with giant trichromes and a red tinge
    • Effect: spacy, introspective cerebral high
    • Aroma: sour, juniper, cedar
    • Taste: cleaner, cedar, musk
  • Banana Kush

    Banana Kush

    XXX OG Kush x Banana

    • Appearance: big fluffy buds with giant frost covered calyxes
    • Effect: shorter duration, mellow, creative, stress relief
    • Aroma: banana split with extra chocolate syrup
    • Taste: bananas, whipped cream, light kush
  • Blackberry Kush 3

    Blackberry Kush

    Afghani x DJ Short Blueberry

    • Appearance: small, purple, completely frosty, clawed calyxes
    • Effect: euphoric, pain-relief, heavy-headed, couchlock, appetite stimulation
    • Aroma: tart, blackberry, rich
    • Taste: floral, spicy, blackberry poptart
  • Blue Dream 2

    Blue Dream

    Dj Short's Blueberry x Super Silver Haze

    • Appearance: dense, sugary, light-haired buds
    • Effect: dreamy, cerebral, calm, smiley
    • Aroma: overripe blueberries, sweet cream
    • Taste: pungent, blueberry pie, sticky
  • DSC_0993

    Bubblegum Bubba Kush

    Bubblegum x Bubba Kush

    • Appearance: dense, dark orange hairs, purple hues
    • Effect: heavy, body-centered, pain relief
    • Aroma: bubblegum out of the wrapper
    • Taste: earthy, light grape
  • Buddhas Sister

    Buddhas Sister

    Reclining Buddha x Afghan Hawaiian

    • Appearance: round, tightly formed, pink/purple streaks
    • Effect: creative, stimulating, mild body high, euphoric
    • Aroma: tart, foreign spice, deep
    • Taste: musky, cherry candies, smooth
  • CC-23

    CC 23

    Shiskaberry x Kasey Brains

    • Appearance: dense, trichome covered, thin hairs
    • Effect: heavy onset, cerebral, mellow comedown
    • Aroma: pepper, Berry air freshener
    • Taste: blueberries, mint, spice
  • Chemdawg1


    unknown clone only

    • Appearance: white buds, dark green leaves, dense
    • Effect: instant, strong, psychedelic, giggly, cerebral
    • Aroma: astringent, lemon, musk
    • Taste: thick, pine, hash
  • Chem's Sis top

    Chems Sis

    another genotype of chemdawg

    • Appearance: white buds, dark green leaves, dense
    • Effect: strong, cerebral, giggly, long lasting
    • Aroma: musk, chemicals, citrus
    • Taste: hash, lemon
  • DSC_1146

    Dairy Queen

    Cheese x Cinderella 99

    • Appearance: lime green buds, bright red hairs
    • Effect: euphoric, head-dominant, mild body high
    • Aroma: sugar cane, diesel
    • Taste: concentrated cream, sugar cane, long lasting
  • Diablo OG

    Diablo OG

    Clone - only OG Kush S1

    • Appearance: clawed calyxed, small, round buds
    • Effect: strong, sedative, heavy
    • Aroma: lemon, pine, diesel, musk
    • Taste: rich , musk, hash
  • DJShortFlo

    DJ Short Flo

    Purple Thai x Afghani

    • Appearance: Large, Christmas tree shaped buds, purple streaks
    • Effect: mellow, cerebral, happy, functional
    • Aroma: spicy, cloves, lavender, deep
    • Taste: light, sweet/spicy, dried fruit, tamarind
  • image1


    Chemdawg x Purple Cow

    • Appearance: gargantuan, columns of pale green buds almost white, dense trichomes
    • Effects: instant intense high, uplifting mentally with a strong body buzz
    • Aroma: musky, skunky, earthy, pungent
    • Taste: rich, lingering, hashy, dark, funky
  • Durban Poison at Harvest

    Durban Poison

    landrace South Africa

    • Appearance: large, light hairs, many small calyxes
    • Effect: intense, racy, light/sound sensitivity, heavy
    • Aroma: sweet licorice, twizzlers, candy
    • Taste: surprisingly hashy, light caramel
  • Dutch Royal Orange

    Dutch Royal Orange

    Skunk 1 x California Orange

    • Appearance: large, dense, tightly formed buds
    • Effect: stimulating buzz, light body sensation
    • Aroma: oranges, earthy, musky
    • Taste: citrus, tart, orange peel
  • FarmersKush1

    Farmers Kush

    Hindu Kush x Unknown Male

    • Appearance: glistening, rounded buds, large calyxes
    • Effect: Immediate, cerebral euphoria, buzzy body high, pain relief
    • Aroma: fruit jelly, kush, earthy
    • Taste: sugar cane, thick, earthy
  • G-13 top


    landrace refined Afghani

    • Appearance: dense, dark green buds
    • Effect: potent, heavy headed, couch lock, appetite stimulating
    • Aroma: musk, fuel, onions
    • Taste: hash, fuel, earth
  • GhostTrainwreckHaze#2 (2)

    Ghost Trainwreck Haze 2

    unknown OG Kush x Nevilles Wreck

    • Appearance: large, light green buds
    • Effect: intense, spacy, long lasting, mellow comedown
    • Aroma: thick, haze, marshmallows
    • Taste: spicy, slightly piney, mellow, hazy
  • Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9 top

    Ghost Trainwreck Haze 9

    Poison OG x Nevilles Wreck

    • Appearance: large, clawed out, frosty buds
    • Effect: energetic, motivating, engaging
    • Aroma: vanilla, sugar cane, licorice
    • Taste: full, long lasting, licorice, vanilla
  • Golden Goat

    Golden Goat

    Romulan x Hawaiian x Island Sweet Skunk

    • Appearance: dense, christmas tree shaped, thin hairs
    • Effect: stony, euphoric, appetite stimulating, good for daytime
    • Aroma: sweet and spicy, leather
    • Taste: light dried fruit, spicy
  • image-unavailable



    • Appearance: balanced structure, bright green buds
    • Effect: creative, stimulating, gets heavier with more use
    • Aroma: grape, cherries
    • Taste: dried fruit, cherry cough drop
  • DSC_1073


    Pure Kush x LA Confidential x Sweet Tooth x Juicy Fruit

    • Appearance: medium sized, fluffy buds, chocolate tinge
    • Effect: functional, stomach ache, sinus, and pain relief, clear-headed, high CBD
    • Aroma: chocolate, juicy fruit, bananas
    • Taste: earthy, chocolate, nutty
  • DSC_0835


    Afghani Hashplant x Northern Lights 1

    • Appearance: bright, purple, gold, lime green buds, covered in frost
    • Effect: mildly energetic buzz, complete body relaxation, pain relief
    • Aroma: floral, potpourri, kush
    • Taste: light, hash
  • Headband week 6


    OG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel

    • Appearance: light colored buds, large calyxes, dark leaves
    • Effect: potent, strong physical head high, giggly
    • Aroma: rich diesel fuel, musk
    • Taste: lemon zest, earth, diesel
  • HellsAngelsOG7

    Hells Angels OG

    Clone only OG Kush S1

    • Appearance: beautiful, pointy, calyxed buds, extreme resin content
    • Effect: soaring head high, psychedelic, sedating comedown, potent
    • Aroma: pine-sol, rich dirt, lemon
    • Taste: lemon, pine, hash
  • Hindu Kush

    Hindu Kush

    Landrace Hindu Kush Mtns

    • Appearance: pale green, completely frosted buds
    • Effect: relaxing, pain relieving, grounded feeling
    • Aroma: dried fruit, vanilla, kush
    • Taste: light, smooth, spice, vanilla
  • image-unavailable

    Island Sweet Skunk

    refined Skunk 1

    • Appearance: long, spear-shaped buds
    • Effect: racy, energetic, giggly, appetite stimulating
    • Aroma: ripe fruit, flower bouquet
    • Taste: smooth, creamy, mango
  • image-unavailable2

    Jekyll OG

    Hell's Angel OG x 98 Dawgs

    • Appearance: smaller but brilliant neon green/white nuggets with large calyxes
    • Effects: heavy head high, that is just as heavy on the body, strong!
    • Aroma: pleasing and potent OG smell, dank, musky, earthy
    • Taste: powerful and long-lasting OG, the flavor last with you long after its been smoked
  • KarmaBitch2

    Karma Bitch

    Skywalker OG x Neville's Wreck

    • Appearance: bulked out, purple/blue hues, few leaves
    • Effect: immediate, strong, uplifting, well-rounded
    • Aroma: sugar, haze, incense, coffee
    • Taste: chocolate, incense, haze
  • Katsu Bubba Kush frosty

    Katsu Bubba Kush

    OG Kush x West Coast Dawg x Old World Kush

    • Appearance: dense, pointed calyxes, ultra-frosted, purple leaves
    • Effect: tension and pain relief, euphoric, relaxing, appetite stimulating
    • Aroma: dirty, musk, hash, rich, coffee
    • Taste: musk, coffee, chocolate, kush
  • LA Chem

    LA Chem

    LA Confidential x Chemdawg

    • Appearance: light green/golden buds
    • Effect: cerebral, strong, giggly
    • Aroma: exotic, astringent, diesel
    • Taste: smooth, lemon, spice
  • Lamb's Breath 1

    Lambs Breath

    Landrace Refined Jamaican

    • Appearance: dense, long hairs
    • Effect: engaging, cerebral, daytime, creative,
    • Aroma: spicy, zesty, earth
    • Taste: full-bodied, spicy, long-lasting
  • LightOfJah

    Light Of Jah

    Jack Herer x Afghani

    • Appearance: purple streaks, large calyxes, pinkish hue
    • Effect: potent, cerebral stimulation, uplifting, creative
    • Aroma: peppery, mango, guava, hash, spice
    • Taste: dried fruit, pepper, spice
  • DSC_0922

    Louie XIII OG

    Clone Only OG Kush S1

    • Appearance: large calyxes, few leaves, very frosty, pointed buds
    • Effect: strong, immediate, psychedelic rush, heavy, sedative crash
    • Aroma: overpowering pine, lemon peel
    • Taste: citrus, musk, pine
  • MadCowClose Up1


    Durban Poison x Purple Cow

    • Appearance: huge, frosty buds, large calyxes
    • Effect: cerebral, focused, euphoric, giggly, engaging
    • Aroma: deep, sweet cream, light licorice, butter
    • Taste: butterscotch, spice, smooth
  • image-unavailable2

    Master Perm

    Master Kush x Permafrost

    • Appearance: calyxed out, pale green buds
    • Effect: heavy, sedative, couch-lock, pain relief
    • Aroma: cream, fruit, kush
    • Taste: earthy, kush, dried fruit
  • MoonshineHaze2

    Moonshine Haze

    Amnesia Haze x Nevilles Wreck

    • Appearance: long, clawed calyxes, few leaves, ultra-frosty
    • Effect: sweeping, relaxing, stony
    • Aroma: funk, haze
    • Taste: creamy, hash, long lasting
  • Pokie


    Pure Kush x LA Confidential x Sweet Tooth x Juicy Fruit

    • Appearance: pale green/white, frosted buds, slight purple hue
    • Effect: couch-lock, great pain-relief, creative, euphoric, appetite stimulating
    • Aroma: chocolate, light dried fruit, kush
    • Taste: kush, chocolate, light lime
  • Afghani

    Purple Cow

    Dj Short Flo x Dairy Queen

    • Appearance: slight purple hue, calyxed out, few leaves
    • Effect: immediate, creative, cerebral, dreamy, daytime
    • Aroma: dried mangos, skunk, cream
    • Taste: creamy, thick, slightly skunky
  • Purple Hawaiian at Harvest

    Purple Hawaiian

    Hawaiian Skunk x Hawaiian Skunk

    • Appearance: large, leafy buds, purple hues
    • Effect: rolling, long lasting head high, creative, engaging
    • Aroma: sweet n’ spicy, potpourri
    • Taste: tapioca, dried fruit, spice
  • Moonpie2

    Purple Moon

    Purple Cow x Blue Moonshine

    • Appearance: dense, thin leaves, frosty
    • Effect: heavy, cerebral, stony, long-lasting
    • Aroma: thick, creamy
    • Taste: thick, creamy, sweet tea
  • Purps #3

    Purps 3

    refined Mendocino Purps

    • Appearance: big purple buds
    • Effect: immediate, heavy couch lock, fades away easily
    • Aroma: fruity pebbles, cream
    • Taste: fruity pebbles
  • RockyMountainBlueberry

    Rocky Mountain Blueberry

    Dutch Passions Blueberry x Shiskaberry

    • Appearance: large buds with slight blue hue
    • Effect: creative, engaging, body-dominant, long lasting
    • Aroma: blueberry muffins, blueberry pie
    • Taste: ripe blueberries, sweet cream
  • image-unavailable


    Oasis x Sensi Skunk

    • Appearance: light green/golden buds, dense
    • Effect: soaring, cerebral, body effects, appetite stimulation
    • Aroma: hashy, skunk, dirty
    • Taste: spicy, thick, skunk
  • image-unavailable2

    Silver Crown

    The White x Super Silver Haze

    • Appearance: round, glistening, tightly packed buds, basically white with red hairs.
    • Effects: heavier head high and more intense body effects with this pheno
    • Aroma: extreme lemon with a skunky overtone
    • Taste: reminiscent of a diesel with the undeniable citrus presence
  • image-unavailable

    Soma Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel x Afghani Hawaiian

    • Appearance: fluffy, large buds, dark green leaves
    • Effect: spacy, soaring, cerebral, appetite stimulating
    • Aroma: diesel fuel, earth
    • Taste: fuel, earth, long-lasting
  • SourDieselCanopy

    Sour Diesel

    Chem 91 x Mass SuperSkunk NL

    • Appearance: dense, large buds, dark green leaves
    • Effect: immediate, soaring, cerebral, strong body effects
    • Aroma: concentrated diesel, pungent, lemon
    • Taste: thick, fuel, hash
  • Sunset Haze

    Sunset Haze

    Tangerine Haze x Rocky Mountain Blueberry

    • Appearance: dense, purple, pink, and red streaked buds
    • Effect: creative, soaring, slightly racy, body-relaxing
    • Aroma: fresh watermelon, fruity
    • Taste: watermelon, starburst, skittles
  • Super Skunk

    Super Skunk

    Skunk 1 x Afghani

    • Appearance: leafy, dense, dark green buds
    • Effect: heavy, couch-lock, appetite stimulating
    • Aroma: strong, musky, skunk
    • Taste: thick, stick-to-your-mouth, skunk
  • image-unavailable2

    Sweet Galenas

    CC23 x Madcow

    • Appearance: smaller, tightly packed, ultra-frosty nuggets with fiery orange hairs
    • Effects: relaxing body effects, with a slightly cloudy head buzz; good for later in the day
    • Aroma: skunky, citrusy, funky, alluring, savory
    • Taste: floral, skunky, complex with orange notes
  • image-unavailable

    Tangerine Haze

    Somas NYCD x G13 Haze

    • Appearance: spear-shaped buds, whitish-green, orange tinge
    • Effect: immediate, long lasting, soaring, cerebral, euphoric
    • Aroma: overpowering citrus, grapefruit, orange peels
    • Taste: grapefruit, citrus, musk
  • U2 Bubba Kush

    U2 Bubba Kush

    Master Kush x Bubba Kush

    • Appearance: large calyxes, purple/gold hues
    • Effect: relaxing, euphoric, sedative, pain-relief, cerebral
    • Aroma: deep, musky, earthy
    • Taste: light coffee, kush
  • WestOG1

    West OG

    Chemdawg x Humbolt BX3

    • Appearance: leafy, fluffy buds, purple hues
    • Effect: heavy-headed, relaxing, pain-relief
    • Aroma: musky, gasoline, potpourri
    • Taste: diesel, earthy
  • DSC_1022

    White Widow

    Indian x Brazilian

    • Appearance: large, round, bright-green buds
    • Effect: relaxing, cerebral, pain-relieving
    • Aroma: creamy, smooth, vanilla, incense
    • Taste: smooth, rich, incense, foreign spice
  • image-unavailable2


    The White x Super Silver Haze

    • Appearance: shimmering sparkle dusted dream nugs
    • Effects: first lab results put this one at 29% THC; soaring sativa high, think you can handle it?
    • Aroma: extreme citrus lemon, lemon candy, mind melting and eye popping
    • Taste: like lemon kool-aid mix