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At The Farm, our goal has always been to bring our customers the best small batch, craft quality cannabis. Guided by our purist Craft Cannabis Ideology, in 2009, we set out to consistently produce outstanding cannabis strains and to deliver the smoothest, most flavorful smoke in the Colorado marijuana market.

One of the key practices we implemented to achieve this consistency was the use of a proprietary hybrid hydroponic growing technique we now call Craft Coco, which became our mainstay. This proven method (and our labor of love) gave birth to the highly-coveted Craft Coco Cannabis lineup for which The Farm is now nationally renowned. In 2015, to complement our original Craft Coco line, we introduced a new, premium line of Craft Soil Cannabis, intended for people who prefer the earthy sweetness of soil.

The difference between the two lines of Craft Cannabis is simply a matter preference, in terms of aroma and flavor profiles. Both are outstanding and are produced using only the highest standards of production and care, including:

  • Small bloomrooms tended by master growers, one crop at a time
  • Organic integrated pest and disease management
  • The methodical artistry of post-cultivation craft quality drying & curing processes


Next time you step into The Farm, try them both and feel the difference for yourself!


Craft Coco Cannabis

People who choose Craft Coco Cannabis prefer its more intense flavors and aromas.

Craft Coco Cannabis is grown using:

  • A hybrid hydroponic-based method
  • A sustainable resource, coco coir (shredded coconut shells)
  • Food grade mineral fertilizers


Craft Soil Cannabis

People who choose Craft Soil Cannabis prefer its more earthy and subtle flavor profile.

Craft Soil Cannabis is grown using:

  • An organic soil-based method
  • Colorado-sourced soil
  • Organic* carbon-based fertilizers, which break down in a thriving microbial root zone. Some would call it Mother Earth in a bag!


Craft Soil Cannabis product yields less, requires more tending and is therefore more expensive to produce.

* Because the word “organic” is federally regulated, we cannot label this product organic.

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