AP31640164593Article by Sam Tracy, Huff Post – July 17, 2014

“This past Saturday, the LA Times published a fantastic article, “DEA may be losing the war on marijuana politics,” outlining the federal agency’s downfall from undisputed moral high ground to the wrong side of history. It explains that members of Congress from both parties are finally catching up to the public and supporting marijuana reform, and how DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart’s refusal to support sensible reforms has led to sharp criticism from Congress and even the White House. But I don’t think the title goes far enough: there’s no longer any doubt that the agency’s propaganda has failed. The DEA is absolutely, indisputably, hands-down losing the war on marijuana politics.

The article outlined some of the DEA’s many recent troubles, from being forced to back down after nonsensically seizing a shipment of hemp seeds from the University of Kentucky, to the House voting to block funding for federal intervention in states’ medical marijuana programs. As if that were not enough, since the LA Times piece went to print, the DEA and other Drug Warriors lost skirmishes — and even a few battles — in the war on marijuana politics literally every single day.”

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