seattle-v-denver2x-620x400Article by Brian Penny, Cannabis Now – August 25, 2014

Colorado and Washington have similar laws regarding recreational marijuana. The biggest difference is in how dispensaries get their product.

Colorado dispensaries hit the market first because they were controlling their own supply. State lawmakers decided it best to limit the sale of third-party cannabis products through dispensaries, forcing these business owners to grow their own. The state also recently loosened the law, allowing any adult Colorado resident to apply for a retail marijuana business license.

After watching Colorado’s economy, lawmakers in the state of Washington went a different route, drawing clear lines between the growers, producers and dispensaries for the purposes of taxation. The effect on prices is yet to be determined, as supply shortages are artificially inflatingWashington pot prices.

From a consumer standpoint, this means marijuana purchased in Colorado has a homemade feel, where you can even bring your own bottles and bags to be filled (sometimes even overfilled). In Washington, it’s sold to the consumer prepackaged and branded with shiny logos. Everything is much more sterile.

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