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Much in the same way that April 20th has become a holiday to celebrate marijuana consumption, known as 4/20, there is another cannabis holiday on July 10th. It is known as 7/10 and has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. (710 upside down spells “oil”). The summer holiday celebrates, more specifically, the concentrated forms of cannabis rather than the spring holiday which is more of a general celebration of the plant and culture. Come check out our radical 7/10 sale featuring the First Ever Concentrate 1/8. To encourage you to try concentrates this holiday, many of our hash products and accessories are offered at an amazing price during The Farm’s 7/10 Sale, offered July 5th – 10th!

Just like there are connoisseurs of the cannabis flower, there are connoisseurs of concentrated cannabis, in all of its forms. There are many forms of hash nowadays. In a previous blog about concentrated marijuana, we cover everything you need to know about the different kinds of hash and dabbing. These different forms have general names based on their consistency or method of extraction. What sets these forms apart from one another is the extraction method used to create that specific product. Some new forms have emerged in the last year or so:

Dab Rig Set Up

Live Resin

Entire marijuana plants are harvested and cryogenically frozen. Then, a solvent is pushed through the plant material at sub zero to prevent breakdown of terpenes and cannabinoids, producing hash-like butter or wax. Live resin is known as the form with the most terpenes.


The consistency of sap or honey, rosin is made by using pressure and heat with bubble hash to extract the cannabinoids and essential oils. Rosin became popular as an extract that is safe to make at home with a hair straightener and wax paper, but is now produced on a commercial level, usually with t-shirt presses.


CO2 oil is refined through a distillation process with only cannabinoids extracted, and then, often times, terpenes are reintroduced to the product, resulting in a consistency of honey or olive oil.


7.10 holiday

7/10 Sale!

Visit The Farm any time between July 5th – 10th to take advantage of our amazing sales!


The First Ever Concentrate 1/8 – $130

  • 1 gram of wax by GH Labs | 1 gram of shatter by Dabtek | 1 gram of budder by The Lab | 1/2 gram of rosin by Essential Extracts | Over $50 savings!


Buy 1, Get 1 for 50% Off – Hummingbird Brand Hash Oil

  • Buy any gram of Hummingbird Brand strain specific hash oil, get a gram for half price | $35 savings! | Two applications of this sale allowed per guest, per day


$7.10 T-shirts

  • We have Farm t-shirts on sale for $7.10! | Fresh off of the presses! Get them while they’re hot! | Offer applies to select t-shirts



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