The Farm Genetics Crafts Delicious New Alpha Blue Cannabis Cross

Introducing Alpha Blue x Sour Strawberry

Float off to the Tropics!

Our Alpha Blue Cross May Be Your Favorite New Strain!

If you are looking for a marijuana strain with a deliciously potent mixed-berry flavor, then look no further than Sour Berry Blue.

Craft cannabis artisans at The Farm Genetics have done it again. They’ve crossed Alpha Blue, The Farm’s  High Time Cannabis Cup award-winning sativa, with a heavenly-sent Sour Strawberry indica male.

Here’s what cannasseur and Cannabis Compliance Manager at The Farm had to say about this exquisite new strain:

“This is one of the best tasting strains I’ve ever smoked, maybe the best… I would have it on hand at all times. It’s so sweet and fruity tasting, I’ve never had any flower that really tasted like berries, and not just smelled vaguely fruity.”
~ Allison M.

You can expect mind-numbing, delicious aromas and flavors, reminiscent of strawberry confections and tropical fruit cocktails. This new craft cannabis strain from The Farm Genetics is sure to let your mind float off into tropical euphoria.

Recently Testing as High as 26.5% THC!

Alpha Blue x Sour Strawberry Sour Berry Blue The Farm Genetics

Sour Berry Blue Strain Profile

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Flavor: Unbelievably delicious, sweet and sugary berry flavors
Lineage: Alpha Blue (mother) x Sour Strawberry (father)
Potency: Range is 20% – 26.5% THC
Effects: Very uplifting and euphoric high. The same feeling one gets when eating your favorite berry confectionery.

Sour Berry Blue Introductory Special!

From now until May 9th, you can save 15% off regular prices on this hot, new Alpha Blue and Sour Strawberry cross.

Save 15% off all quantities
$16/g | $13.60/g
$45/eighth | $38.25/eighth

About The Farm Genetics

The Farm Genetics flower line was developed to match your lifestyle and features unique cannabinoid ratios, desirable flavor & aroma profiles, and potent effects.

Bred in-house with a focus on your total cannabis experience, our genetic artisans have crafted exceptional strains that express the full genetic potential each plant offers.

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