BackBeat OG Herb, Tees, Vinyl… & a One-of-a-Kind Autograph Session with Zion Godchaux. Exclusively & for a Limited Time Only at the World-Famous, Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary—The Farm.

BoomBox’s Signature Strain is Back: BackBeat OG

Introducing BackBeat OG, BoomBox's Marijuana StrainEarlier this year, The Farm, Boulder, Colorado’s #1 adult-use dispensary, released BoomBox’s signature craft cannabis strain through The Farm Genetics™ brand. Testing at around 30% THC, the highly-potent OG-dominant indica strain—a cross between Starfighter & Chuckles OG—wowed the multicolored pants off BoomBox and Farm fans alike.

BoomBox is loved for its unique fusion of electronica and psychedelic rock, which integrates bits of house, R&B, soul and funk. “People all around Colorado’s Front Range came out of the wood works when they heard BoomBox had released their first-ever signature cannabis strain,” says Adam Dickey, Marketing Coordinator for The Farm. “We sold out of BackBeat OG in record time!”

Matching the eclectic mix of sounds that is BoomBox, The Farm is reintroducing BackBeat OG with an assorted blend of funky-fresh specials and events, just in time for the band’s June 2nd concert at Red Rocks. So “better put ’em on, your dancing shoes,” and moonwalk over to The Farm, starting May 17, 2018.

Funky Fresh Specials Featuring BoomBox’s Signature Strain

Available exclusively at The Farm, the latest release includes:

  • An autograph session with Zion Godchaux, BoomBox’s lead creative mind
  • A retail launch of a freshly-pressed, limited edition vinyl double-LP version of Visions of BackBeat
  • BackBeat OG cotton apparel
  • Fresh, slow-cured 1/8’s of BackBeat OG craft cannabis


Limited Edition T-shirt & Cannabis Flower Set

BackBeat OG logo on purple t-shirtBackBeat OG logo on gold tee shirt$70 $39

(plus tax) 

Set Includes:

  • 1/8 of BackBeat OG Flower (recently testing as high as 33% THC)
  • BackBeat OG 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Save $31 when you buy an 1/8 of The Farm Genetics™ BackBeat OG flower, and your choice of The Farm’s BoomBox-approved, limited edition 100% soft cotton, gold or purple tee. A $70 value! (Click on the t-shirt images for close-ups).

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Limited Edition Visions of BackBeat Vinyl Double-LP

Visions of BackBeat Vinyl LP 2018 Edition image


(plus tax)

Hot off the press! Be one of the first to own a limited edition vinyl double LP of BoomBox’s debut album, Visions of BackBeat. This heady brew of psychedelic, beat-infused, funky house music is nearly impossible not to dance to. So shake, shake and get them before they vanish. Only 500 total albums were pressed!

Get the t-shirt, eighth & LP for only $69 (plus tax). What a deal!

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A Very Special Autograph Session with Zion Godchaux

Zion Godchaux of BoomBox BackBeat Vinyl Autograph Signing imageBackBeat Vinyl Autograph Signing image Zion Godchaux of BoomBoxThursday, May 31, 2018
5:00–6:00 pm

Purchase a vinyl album above or any of The Farm’s apparel, including the limited edition tee shirts pictured above, and have them signed by Zion Godchaux of BoomBox at our autograph session on May 31, 2018. Please, absolutely no outside product will be accepted for signing.

Friendly Reminder: we’re a recreational dispensary, serving adults 21 and over, so please have a Valid ID before heading in. Thanks!

BoomBox Summer 2018 Concert in Colorado

Get your BoomBox Red Rocks tickets for the June 2nd show now. This show is destined to sell out!

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