Article by Devin Liles, VP of Production, The Farm – September 23, 2014

0296At the Farm, we’ve always said, “We won’t sell anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves.” It’s as true today as it was when we first started. To pull off crop after crop of high-grade, pesticide-free, natural cannabis takes a lot of attentiveness, discipline and hard work.

In this article, we explain the three guiding principles we embody in the cultivation of the best marijuana at The Farm and Root MMC.

1. Attentiveness

From seed to harvest, our skilled growers have the pulse of each and every crop we produce. Our longest-standing grower, John, is so attentive to the well-being of each plant that he often talks about “getting them to drink.” He’s referring to the vegetation and early flower process, when the grower is working to get the plants drinking uniformly and at a steady pace (indicative of a healthy, stress-free crop).

Our growers form a close relationship with every crop, from seed and cutting, to the critically important flush, the last weeks before harvesting, when the plant only drinks water (no food). Grower attentiveness throughout the life of a crop is a key ingredient in The Farm’s method of cultivation.

2. Discipline

Plants, like all living things, thrive on the consistent fulfillment of basic needs. Pest and disease prevention, perhaps the most important factor of a plant’s wellbeing—in terms of consumer health and safety—requires discipline.

It starts with growing healthy, robust and disease-resistant plants. It involves finessing atmospheric conditions that are not only optimum for plant health, but also less advantageous for pathogens. This is often a matter of minute degrees that most would think insignificant, but matter greatly.

Though pests and plant diseases are to be expected, many growers don’t know how to apply natural pest and disease control. Detrimental to the health of cannabis consumers, many growers often react by using toxic chemicals on their plants. These chemicals, especially when smoked, can be extremely harmful to the body.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” could not be more apt than in cannabis pest and disease management. By being disciplined, The Farm and Root MMC growers don’t need the toxic chemicals that other growers use.

3. Hard Work

Maintaining this level of watchfulness and control is simply hard work. Our growers put in the sweat-equity needed to provide the most consistent and high quality care possible.

From the moment the seeds are planted and begin to germinate, through the vegetating and flowering stages, to the final harvesting and curing phases, our growers lovingly dedicate their time and effort, day after day, year round, to assure high-grade cannabis reaches you, our customer.

Each harvest is a matter of great pride for us. Our grow facilities are an amazing mixture of factory-like consistency and precision, with a genuine passion for the health, purity and potency of every crop.

These three simple guiding principles allow us to create a large-scale production that delivers small-batch results time after time. That’s what we do at The Farm and Root MMC. In our hearts, we’re still homegrown.

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