Our Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics

The Finest Craft Cannabis Flower from The Farm’s Finest Mother Plants

Developed to match your lifestyle, we’re excited to announce the release of The Farm Genetics™ newest craft cannabis flower line.

Bred in-house with a focus on your total cannabis experience, our genetic artisans have crafted exceptional strains that express the full genetic potential each plant offers.

Our breeding process is a twist of science and art, using cutting-edge research and techniques that draw from the experience of a diverse pool of professionals.

Artfully selected from our most remarkable mother plants, The Farm Genetics flower line features unique cannabinoid ratios, desirable flavor and aroma profiles, and exotic, potent effects.


The first small batches of these beautiful craft cannabis mother plants arrived on May 14th, 2017. new craft cannabis marijuana strains in coloradoCheck our Daily Menu to see which strains are currently available.

Some are calling these our best marijuana strains to date!


Introducing The Farm Genetics Craft Cannabis

Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics

Phase 1: Released on Mother’s Day | May 14th, 2017

Sativa-dominant hybrid: Rise 'n' Shine | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Rise ‘n’ Shine

Start Your Day Off Bright!

Rise ‘n’ Shine to a bowl of this delicious cross of Green Crack and Sour Bubble. Instantly energizing, like a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, this strain is great when you need to take the edge off, but still get stuff done. Coupled with an amazing flavor of sweet and sour mango juice, this is a go-to daytime variety. The effects are felt but not overpowering and slowly fade away like a passing cloud.


Flavor: Sweet flora, sugary sour candy like aroma.
Lineage: Green Crack x Sour Bubble
Potency: Testing at an average of 22% THC
Colors: Exotic neon green leaves with bright florescent orange hairs.
Terpene Profile: Humulene | Myrcene
Effects: Energetic | Happy | Uplifting | Focused

Sativa-dominant hybrid: Strawberry Blonde | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Strawberry Blonde

Like a refreshing sip of pink lemonade on a hot summer day!

Strawberry Blonde is a flavorful and uplifting sativa-dominant variety that’s great for brightening up a dull day. Potent and fast-acting, Strawberry Blonde provides a boost to the spirits, great for getting creative or having a good time outdoors with friends. Incredibly pungent lemon and sour berry flavors pack a quick initial punch, that gives way to a light and lofty come down.


Flavor: Heavy lemon citrus terpenes, with a hint of sweetness.
Lineage: Sour Strawberry x Super Lemon Haze
Potency: Testing at an average of 20% THC
Colors: Crimson red hues, fiery orange hairs, light pale green.
Terpene Profile: Limonene | Pinene | Linalool | Terpinolene
Effects: Uplifting | Cerebral | Creative | Relaxing

Indica-dominant hybrid mighty glue (formerly gorilla gum) | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Mighty Glue (formerly Gorilla Gum)

When the sun finally sets after a long day, it’s time to sit back and relax.

In Mighty Glue, The Farm Genetics artisans have combined two strong parents to create a heavy and sedating nighttime strain. Mighty Glue is perfect for movie night, vegging out on the couch, or an easy transition to sleep after a hard day. Note, you might not make it to the end of the movie.


Flavor: Musky earthy aroma, chocolatey, dark, cedar and sandalwood smells.
Lineage: Gorilla Glue x Sour Bubble
Potency: Testing at an average of 21% THC
Colors: Dark green, purples, offset by bright white patches of trichomes.
Terpene Profile: Humulene, which, like THCv, has a tendency to act as an appetite suppressant.
Effects: Relaxed | Happy | Euphoric | Sleepy

Sativa-dominant hybrid (most potent): Goat Head | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Goat Head

Excellent for dancing and enjoying live music when the night rolls in.

A  little on the wild and unexpected side, Goat Head is a flavorful cannabis cocktail that combines two Farm favorites — the fast-acting, euphoric effects inherited from Golden Goat, counterbalanced by Headband’s calming and relaxing qualities. A pleasantly pungent and aromatic smoke, Goat Head’s resulting uplift is great for nights out, live music, and dancing.


Flavor: Dominant flavor of Golden Goat with a hint of Headband dank funkiness.
Lineage: Golden Goat x Headband
Potency: Very High | Usually over 25%.
Colors: Fluorescent green with orange hairs and heavy trichome coverage.
Terpene Profile: High in Humulene with hints of Limonene from Golden Goat, which contributes to the overall aroma.
Effects: Euphoric | Uplifting | Happy | Energetic


Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics

Phase 2: Released for Summer | June 8, 2017

Super strong sativa-dominant hybrid: Pirate Radio | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™

Pirate Radio

Go Your Own Way – Live and Let Loose.

Bred from one of the strongest and most energizing cannabis varieties, Pirate Radio is there for the intense cerebral-high Sativa lover. While enjoying a small amount might cause that “looking back over the shoulders” feeling, take in too much and you could end up like a crazy hippie in the back of a VW bus spouting paranoid delusions over a pirated radio station. With an overpowering piney flavor and very fast onset that seems to just keep getting stronger, this one is best left to the experienced cannabis connoisseur.


Flavors: Sharp, pungent pine and sage flavors with a cedar-like finish.
Lineage: Somali Taxi Ride x Sour Bubble
Potency: Test at an average of 23% THC and as high as 28%
Colors: Heavy cake of white and amber trichomes hide purple calyxes and pale green hues. Smaller reddish hairs.
Terpenes: Terpinolene | Pinene | Myrcene
Effects: Instantaneous | Energetic | Cerebral | Alert  

Sativa-dominant hybrid: Mountain Thunder (like durban poison strain without the anxiety) | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™

Mountain Thunder

Light Up Your Senses. Spark Up a Good Time. 

This one’s for the cannabis lover that enjoys sativas, but doesn’t like the racy effects. Mountain Thunder has been bred to have a significant amount of cannabigerol (CBG), which tends to ease out the more intense, anxious effects of high-THC sativa varieties. Combine this with a flavor reminiscent of a high alpine forest after a midday thunderstorm, this strain makes the perfect hiking companion for outdoor summer adventures, and works just as well getting creative with art projects at home on a rainy afternoon.


Flavors: Slightly mentholated citrus pine forest.
Lineage: Mad Cow x Sour Bubble
Potency: Test at an average of 21% THC with 3-4% CBG
Colors: Lighter colored lime green buds covered by mid-sized pale amber hairs.
Terpenes: Terpinolene | Limonene | Pinene | Eucalyptol
Effects: Creative Balanced Functional

Indica-dominant hybrid: Humdinger OG | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Humdinger OG

Put Your Mind at Ease. Let the Tension Float Away.

Humdinger is an OG-dominant indica variety that packs an extraordinary, mind-body enveloping wave of relief. Strong enough to keep stress at bay while easing muscle tension; this one is great for relaxing at the end of the day. While the remarkably potent effects might have you at a loss for words, the thick and lingering flavor makes Humdinger OG a strain you’ll not soon forget.


Mouth coating lime followed by darker lingering coffee like hints.
Chuckles OG x Sour Bubble
Average of 21% THC test as high as 28%
Vivid bright neon green fading into trichome white, sparse longer pale peach hairs.
Limone | Caryophyllene | Linalool
Stress Relief | Carefree | Relaxed

Indica-dominant hybrid: Moon Walk | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Moon Walk

Relax and Take in Life’s Simple Pleasures

When the day-to-day grind starts to get you down, there’s nothing like taking a walk in the moonlight to help you relax. Moon Walk embodies this with its combination of mind-easing and body-alleviating effects. Add in its dark, mysterious and enticing flavor, Moon Walk makes it easy to leave behind the worries of the day and enjoy the beauty in front of you.


 Dark and earthy with a funky citrus finish. 
 Purple Cow x Square Dance
Tests at an average of 20% THC and as high as 31%
 Darker Green with Purple leaves, deep orange hairs. 
 Beta Myrcene | Limonene | Caryophyllene
Relaxing | Euphoric | Happy


Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics

Phase 3: Released on August 3rd, 2017

Cherry Mender

Up until the 1930’s, cannabis tinctures where widely used as cough syrups. The CBD imparted its distinctive cherry-like flavor that is still mimicked in today’s medicines. We wanted to create a strain that celebrated this rich history of cannabis as a holistic remedy. Cherry Mender has been developed to have a healthy helping of CBD with an over-generous amount THC. Perfect for the beginner cannabis consumer, this unique blend has the best of both worlds. Cherry Mender is approximately a 3:2 THC to CBD indica-dominant strain; the CBD relieves muscle tension and helps the THC further facilitate deep mind relaxation.


 Rich, sweet cherry cough syrup and red licorice.
The Remedy x Sour Bubble
Averages at about 16% THC / 11% CBD
 Key lime green with tints of crimson
Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Humulene
Mellow | Soothing | Relaxing | Easing


Indica-dominant hybrid: Rocky Mountain Blueberry | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™

Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Rocky Mountain Blueberry is an indica-dominant cannabis strain parented by Shishkaberry and Dutch Passion’s Blueberry. Its over-sized, blue-hued buds take on a smooth, sweet blueberry aroma similar to that of a berry-loaded dessert. Its long-lasting effects bring on a creative spark to help you stay engaged and motivated while your body stays anchored in deep relaxation.


Sativa-dominant hybrid: Alpha Express | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Alpha Express

Alpha Express is an introspective sativa strain that descends from Alpha Blue and Ghost Train Haze. With a complex flavor that spans sour juniper and musky cedar notes, Alpha Express delivers spacey cerebral effects perfect for meditative or creative activities. Its buds bloom with trichome-covered calyxes that carry a red tint as the flowers mature.

Sativa-dominant hybrid: Doox | Best Marijuana Strains from The Farm Genetics™Doox

Doox is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred from Purple Cow and the legendary hybrid Chemdawg. The effects will set in quickly, delivering an intense body buzz coupled with dreamy euphoria. Doox flowers typically bloom in pale pastel greens masked by a dense coat of frosty resin. Pungent and skunky, this strain is sure to fill the room with its strong sour aroma.

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