BIFF 2018 The Farm Happy Hour Mixer at The Post

The Farm Happy Hour Mixer at BIFF 2018

Friday, February 23, 3:30-5:30pm at The Post Boulder

The Farm is thrilled to host the BIFF 2018 Happy Hour Mixer for our Boulder community!

For the second year in a row, in celebration of art and cinema in Boulder, we invite all 2018 Boulder International Film Festival moviegoers to The Farm Happy Hour Mixer.

Twenty-one and older BIFF ticket holders will enjoy delicious food and drinks, including complimentary cocktails, such as Coin-Style Margaritas, Palomas, and Smoked Manhattans from Boulder-based Suerte Tequila, as well as fine craft ales from The Post’s own microbrewery.

Raise a glass, have a bite and enjoy the company of fellow international film enthusiasts. Just flash your BIFF ticket stub or Festival Pass, your valid US state-issued I.D. or passport, and enjoy the party!

It’s The Farm’s way of conveying a sincere THANK YOU to our Boulder community! We feel truly grateful to make Boulder our home.

The BIFF 2018 Happy Hour Mixer is co-hosted by our friends at Suerte Tequila1906 New Highs Cannabis-Infused Chocolates, Wana Brands Confectioneries, and IndigoPro Vaporizers. Come in and discover what some of of our favorite cannabis brands are all about.

Fueled by a Passion for Creativity

To view the entire schedule of movies and to purchase individual film tickets as well as Festival Passes, click here.

The Farm, Boulder’s #1 Adult Use Dispensary, is proud to promote cultural arts by supporting the Colorado Film Society’s (CFS) biggest event of the year—the 14th Annual Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF). This community event brings films, filmmakers and moviegoers from around the world to Boulder for a four-day celebration of cinema arts and culture.

Fusing the Farm’s artful approach to growing some of the purest craft cannabis in Colorado with our passion for creativity and self-expression, we’re thrilled to support social awareness, share a story and create a positive human experience through this exciting community event.


BIFF 2018 Picks from The Farm

In addition to the Opening Night movie, Borg vs. McEnroe, below are some of The Farm’s favorite movie picks. 

To view the entire schedule of movies and to purchase individual film tickets as well as Festival Passes, click here.


Two Trains Runnin’

USA, Feature Documentary, 2016, 82 min

Two Trains Runnin’ pays tribute to a pioneering generation of musicians. In 1964, during the folk-song revolution on college campuses, two separate groups of college-age musicians set out for Mississippi—with recording equipment—to find them. At the same time, hundreds of other college students were heading there as Freedom Riders. Finally, in June 1964, the groups converged, as ugliness and fury of the resistance to black voting—the violence, beatings and murders that white authorities unleashed against it—shocked America. Directed by Sam Pollard.

Boulder Premiere Film Show Times

The Farthest

Ireland, Feature Documentary, 2017, 121 min

Dazzling Documentary! —The New York Times. In 1977, America launched the greatest exploration in human history. In 2017, Voyager 1, with its’ Golden Record bearing recordings and images of life on Earth, left the solar system and the scientists who designed it and cared for it for 40 years are ecstatic. The Farthest is an enduring testament to the ingenuity of humankind and the untapped limits of the imagination. This visually stunning film absolutely must be seen on the big screen. Directed by Emer Reynolds

Boulder Premiere Film Show Times


Ayla: The Daughter of War

Turkey, Feature Film, 2017, 124 min

On a cold night in Korea in 1950, Sgt. Suleyman stumbles upon an orphaned five-year-old girl who was the only survivor of a raid on her village. The terrified, barely alive child melts Suleyman’s heart and he risks everything to carry her back to his army base and out of harm’s way. When the war comes to an end, the sergeant is forced to give up Ayla to an orphanage, but vows that they will be together again someday. Will they find each other so many years later? Based on a true story.

Film Show Times


Pick of the Litter

USA, Feature Documentary, 2018, 81 min

Pick of the Litter is a wonderful reminder of the extraordinary relationships we have with our dogs. The film follows a litter of puppies from the moment they’re born and begin their quest to become guide dogs for the blind. Cameras follow these pups through an intense two-year odyssey as they train to become dogs whose ultimate responsibility is to protect their blind partners from harm. Directed by Don Hardy and Dana Nachman.

Colorado Premiere Film Show Times



Singapore/USA/Lebanon, Feature Documentary, 2017, 73 min

Soufra follows the unlikely and highly inspirational story of entrepreneur, Mariam Shaar, a third-generation refugee who spent her entire life in the huge Burj El Barajneh camp in Lebanon, as she sets out to launch a catering company. “Soufra” (Arab for feast), then works to expand it into a food truck business with the help of Kickstarter. Subtitled. Directed by Thomas Morgan

Colorado Premiere Film Show Times


The China Hustle

USA, Feature Documentary, 2017, 84 min

In the midst of the 2008 market crash, investors on the fringes of the financial world feverishly sought new alternatives for high-return investments in the global markets. Jed Rothstein’s documentary rings the alarm on the need for transparency in an increasingly deregulated financial world by following those working to uncover the biggest heist you’ve never heard of. Subtitled. Directed by Jed Rothstein.

Colorado Premiere Film Show Times


My Enemy, My Brother

Canada, Feature Documentary, 2017, 88 min

An amazing story. —Indiewire. At 13 years old, Zahed ran away from home to become one of 100,000 child soldiers for the Iran military during the Iran-Iraq War. Najah, a soldier for Iraq, was captured and spent 17 years in a prison camp in Iran. The two former enemies meet 20 years later in Vancouver at a counseling class and, over time, become friends. They decide to go back to the Middle East, Najah to find his wife and child, and Zahad to visit his sick his father. That’s how this heroic true-adventure begins, and you will be gripping your seat to the end. Subtitled. Directed by Ann Shin.

Colorado Premiere Film Show Times


Michelin Stars: Tales From the Kitchen

Denmark, Feature Documentary, 2017, 82 min

Food porn and deep-seated dread collide in this film about Michelin-starred chefs. —Esquire.  All chefs dream of a Michelin star, and those who have one (or more) work tirelessly to keep this distinction. This film goes behind the scenes to see how the stars are awarded, to talk to the chefs who work tirelessly to maintain their status, and to view the impact that the little red book has on the world of award-winning cuisine. Subtitled. Directed by Rasmus Dinesen.

Colorado Premiere Film Show Times

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