On February 22, 2018, after receiving more than 175 entries, the final selection was made for the BoomBox marijuana strain name.

And the winner is…

Introducing BoomBox Marijuana Strain BackBeat OG image

It’s Official! BoomBox’s Signature Craft Cannabis Strain is…
“BackBeat OG”

Congratulations to Trey Simmons! The audio engineer and BoomBox enthusiast was the lucky winner of the naming contest on the band’s Facebook page.

A huge thanks to all the BoomBox fans who sent in some excellent suggestions, including some hilarious ones like “The Shit That Killed Davey Moore” and “Dirty Red Dime Bag.”

For his creativity, Simmons will be enjoying two tickets and a backstage Meet & Greet for BoomBox’s upcoming show at Red Rocks on June 2nd.

The New BoomBox Marijuana Strain is Here!

We’re excited to introduce, BackBeat OG, BoomBox’s signature craft cannabis strain. A descendant of Starfighter & Chuckles OG parents, BackBeat OG may help send your worries 500 miles away. This latest cultivar, crafted by The Farm Genetics,™ is a highly-potent OG-dominant indica, currently testing at around 30% THC!

See the full list of The Farm Genetics new craft cannabis marijuana strains in Colorado

BackBeat OG brings together an eclectic mix of flavors that play out like a complex rhythm on your palette—hints of rocket fuel, exotic spice, and bright citrus notes all jam together in a funky-fresh melody.

This powerful indica may have a deep and relaxing effect on the mind and body. The immense high produced may feel like someone turned up the stereo, as you get into the groove. Well-suited for relaxing nights of vinyl, playlist making or losing yourself in BoomBox’s soul-shakin’ music at their concert on June 2nd, at Red Rocks Ampitheatre!

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Release Date for BackBeat OG

BackBeat OG image - BoomBox Marijuana StrainSlow-cured and ready to roll, the BoomBox marijuana strain, BackBeat OG, will be available exclusively at Boulder’s #1 dispensary, The Farm, on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

For a limited time, you can purchase this heavy-hitting 30% THC indica hybrid at reduced prices:

Introductory Special!
Save 20% off all quantities
$18/g  $14.40/g
$50/eighth  $40/eighth

Pre-Order Marijuana Online Button  (starting March 15, 2018)

BackBeat OG Logo

BoomBox Marijuana Strain BackBeat OG LOGO imageDesigned by The Farm’s in-house Graphic Designer, Ryan Fisher (in collaboration with BoomBox), this balanced logo form incorporates several elements that capture the essence of the sound:

  • BoomBox’s speaker illustration from their Visions of BackBeat album
  • The star-like energy lines of its parent Starfighter, which allude to dancing graphic equalizer readouts
  • The disc-like shape, reminiscent of an LP or turntable, representing the BoomBox music genre, which Godchaux refers to as “Dirty Disco Blues”

BoomBox Summer 2018 Concert in Colorado

Get your BoomBox Red Rocks tickets for the June 2nd show now. This show is destined to sell out!

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