BoomBox About to Rock New Strain from The Farm Genetics

Name that strain: Groovy new craft cannabis from The Farm dispensary pays tribute to the creative musical force of BoomBox.


This is BoomBox Live Photo of Zion Rock Godchaux


BOULDER, Colorado, February 1, 2018 — The electronic work of songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Zion Rock Godchaux, better known as BoomBox, has joined forces with The Farm, Boulder’s #1 adult use dispensary, to introduce an intensely rich craft cannabis strain.

Like Castañeda going to see the medicine man, BoomBox approached their longtime friend, Carter Casad, The Farm’s Lead Genetics Artisan, to seek out the perfect cannabis strain.

BoomBox will be conducting a naming challenge with their fan base, on their Facebook page, to come up with a name for this unique indica-dominant hybrid. Here is the Facebook post where fans can enter their strain name ideas.

BoomBox and The Farm Get to Work

Already fully immersed into BoomBox’s electronic blend of vintage rock and blues, Casad was inspired to find a stellar strain, one that captured the essence of the band’s music.

BoomBox Cannabis Strain - Chuckle OG x Starfighter Indica-Dominant Cross

After much deliberation and much ganja consumed, Carter and Boombox had the one.

This is how Casad described his experience with the final strain—a cultivar of Chuckles OG crossed with Starfighter:

“This intense indica-dominant cross is sure to send your worries to a galaxy far, far away. The combination of flavors plays out like a galactic war on your palette—hints of rocket fuel, exotic spice, and alien citrus notes all battling each other at once.

“The immense high produced is felt heavy in the head, and feels like someone turned up the gravity machine on the body. Great for nighttime chillin’ or gettin’ down on the dance floor.”

The BoomBox Strain-Naming Challenge

BoomBox’s craft cannabis strain naming challenge goes live on the band’s Facebook page on Thursday, February 15th and stay open until Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

One winner will be announced on Thursday, February 22nd. The winner will receive a pair of special tickets to the upcoming BoomBox concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater on June 2, 2018.

The newly named strain will be available, exclusively at the Farm, in mid-March 2018. Get your BoomBox Red Rocks tickets for June 2nd now. This show will sell out!

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About BoomBox

BoomBox is the electronic work of songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux, featuring an electronic blend of soulful Rock and Blues-based dance music incorporating Backbeat, Psychedelia and Funky House sounds, which Godchaux refers to as “Dirty Disco Blues.” Godchaux is joined by DJ Harry, whose focus is dance electronica, especially high-energy club sounds, and is best known for The String Cheese Remix Project, which enabled DJ Harry to develop the new progressive house jam genre.

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About The Farm

Established in 2009, The Farm is a locally owned, operated, and vertically integrated marijuana dispensary in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. The Farm cultivates 100% of their own craft cannabis with a team of expert growers, master curers, educated bud-tenders, and many more passionate and dedicated individuals. They employ sustainable growing techniques with small-batch outputs to consistently grow the highest-grade cannabis possible, which produce only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects.

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For more information, please contact Adam Dickey by calling (248) 895-9791 or email 


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