Boulder Construction to Enhance Northeast City Entrance

boulder construction - at the farm

You may have been irked this summer by the long delays near Diagonal Highway on the North side of town. You may have noticed the construction near The Farm. You may have even thought that The Farm was closed during this period of Boulder construction; however, we are not closed! We are open and we are excited because we are getting some great enhancements to our space!

The City of Boulder is investing in the Northeast entrance to town. They hired a design team of two experienced artists, Christian Muller and Ken Burnstein, to make good use of the space near the corner of 28th Street and Iris Avenue. They spent a little over a year designing the art installment and new space. This investment will improve the area, adding some beauty to our neighborhood.


boulder construction - the farm

Details of the Improvements on 28th and Iris

There will be two high speed commuter bicycle lanes, the first high speed bike lanes in Boulder, as well as a pedestrian and leisurely bicycle path. Along the path, near the intersection of 28th and Iris, there will be a public art installment. The installment is a metal statue piece, inspired by hexagonal shapes, which are meant to symbolize balance, union, and community. The statue will be made out of core-tin which has a protective rust coating and a rich reddish-brown color. The images you see here are the designer’s renderings. We feel grateful to live in a town that allocates money toward the improvement of the quality of life for its denizens.


Project Complete Soon

Though the City of Boulder estimates the project will end sometime in October or November of 2016, we are still open for business. Reserve your order online with our Express Service, then skip the line when you come to pick the order up. Just mention you are there for an Express order!

We are still running our Early Bird Discount every day Monday through Friday from 8 am – 10 am and on Sundays from 9 am – 10 am. We are still offering summer promotions and our Express Service is still available online, as well as our apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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