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2019 Boulder Film Festival Happy Hour

The Farm Happy Hour Mixer

@ The Post Brewing, Co. in Boulder
2027 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302
Friday, March 1st, 2019 — 3:30pm – 5:30pm
*Open to all 21 and older BIFF 2019 ticket holders only

As a special thanks to our Boulder community, we invite you to join The Farm™ and the Boulder community at our 2019 Boulder Film Festival Happy Hour Mixer. Enjoy refreshing beverages, delicious food, rockin’ music, and plenty of good times for all 21+ BIFF 2019 ticket holders. This marks The Farm’s 3rd consecutive year hosting our Happy Hour Mixer.

To suit the beverage needs of many palates, complimentary drinks will be provided, including Suerte Tequila cocktails such as Palomas and Margaritas, premium craft ales from The Post Brewing, Co.’s own microbrewery, and Francis Coppola wine. And to satisfy your bellies, The Post’s in-house chefs will be preparing scrumptious appetizers, such as chicken wings, pimento arugula tomato jam biscuits, and chicharrones.

Join us and our friends, Wana Brands, Blue Kudu Edibles, AiroPro Vaporizers, and Suerte Tequila for The Farm’s film party of the year! Raise a glass, have a bite, and enjoy the warm company of your fellow Boulderite art enthusiasts and cinema fanatics.

* You must be a 21+ ticket holder of any 2019 Boulder International Film Festival movie to attend the Happy Hour Mixer.

Boulder International Film Festival Happy Hour Mixer The Farm Dispensary



The Farm’s Picks for Boulder Film Festival 2019 | BIFF 2019

Every year, we compile some of our favorite films for our fans to see, from the dozens of films at the Boulder Film Festival. Below are these year’s picks.


Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Canada, Feature Documentary, 2018, 87 min | Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier

A cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive reengineering of the planet, this film is the third in a trilogy that includes Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark. From concrete seawalls in China that now cover 60 percent of the mainland coast, to the biggest terrestrial machines ever built from Germany, to psychedelic potash mines in Russia’s Ural Mountains and surreal lithium evaporation ponds in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the filmmakers have visited six continents to document the evidence of human planetary domination.​ At the intersection of art and science, the film profiles a critical moment in geological history—the provocative and unforgettable experience of our species’ breadth and impact. Subtitled.

Show Times:


School of Life

France, Feature Film, 2017, 116 min | Directed by Nicolas Vanier

Rescued from a nightmarish orphanage in Paris in 1927, Paul is taken by a cheerful woman to a vast hunting estate in the Loire, a dark and mysterious world for Paul, a city boy. The immense forest, the misty ponds, the moors and the fields, everything here belongs to the Count de la Salle. Fresnaye, a taciturn widower who lives alone in his mansion, where the cheerful woman, Celestine, is a domestic and her husband, Borel, is the stern estate gamekeeper. Paul is moved into the couple’s servant cottage and given the run of the estate, where he meets Totoche, a grizzled poacher who teaches Paul the ways of the forest. But a secret weighs on the estate: Paul did not come here by chance. Subtitled.

Show Times:


The Hummingbird Project

USA, Feature Film, 2018, 111 min | Directed by Kim Nguyen

New York cousins, Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgard), are players in the high-stakes game of high-frequency trading, where winning is measured in milliseconds. Vincent is the hustler and Anton is the brains; together they push each other—and everyone around them—in their quixotic quest to attain the ultimate American Dream. Embarking on a Herculean task, the cousins clash with their rapacious former boss, Eva Torres (Salma Hayek), a hedge-fund manager who tries to beat them at their own game. Racing against time, the cousins move mountains to cut through America and get rich faster, only to find redemption and renewal at the end of the line.

Show Times:


The Weight of Water

USA, Feature Documentary, 2018, 79 min | Directed by Michael Brown

Making your first solo kayak run of the Grand Canyon is daunting, particularly if you are totally blind. Erik Weihenmayer has already overcome some stunning challenges for both sighted and blind people, including summiting Mount Everest. But whitewater kayaking is different; the water moves unpredictably, the rocks that make up the canyon walls are absolutely unforgiving, and the roar cuts Weihenmayer off from his guide’s voice and threatens his kayak. How will Erik react when disaster strikes on Lava Falls, the most dangerous rapid on the Colorado River? The Weight of Water is the story of a blind man balancing fear in the midst of chaos, and the powerful desire to be free from a prison of darkness.

Show Times:


The Biggest Little Farm

USA, Feature Documentary, 2018, 91 min | Directed by John Chester | Boulder Premiere

When young urban foodie couple John and Mollie Chester get booted from their tiny LA apartment because of their barking dog, they leap into buying a run-down 200-acre-farm an hour north of the city. But the farm’s soil is so depleted and drought-ridden that it will not even grow weeds, and John and Mollie know nothing about farming. So, they consult a Zen-farming expert named Alan York, who suggested a fantasy-utopian farm, one involving 70 different species of 10,000 fruit trees and 200 different crops, all laid out in Van Gogh whorls, with free-ranging animals like ducks, chickens and pigs to fertilize the soil. ​As their plan to create perfect harmony takes a series of wild turns, they realize that to survive they will have to reach a far greater understanding of the wisdom of nature, and of life itself.

Show Times:



USA, Feature Documentary, 2018, 96 min | Winner at 8 film festivals | Directed by Julie Simone

The rollicking, foot-stomping heart of competitive bluegrass is the Old Fiddler’s Convention run by the Moose Lodge in Galax, VA. Sister filmmakers Julie Simone and Vicki Vlasic, returning to their Appalachian roots, were given permission to film the festival for the first time in its 80-year history because Lodge members remember the sisters’ grandpa. From multi-generations jamming in the parking lots, to the ultra-competitive instrumental contests, we are eye witnesses to the folk roots of some of the greatest and most authentic bluegrass in America.​ And when the top 10 finalists are announced in the ultra-competitive guitar competition, we’re in for an exciting and unexpected musical climax. Fiddlin’ is a joyous celebration of Americana.

Show Times:


A Tuba to Cuba

USA / Cuba, Feature Documentary, 2018, 84 min | Directed by T.G. Herrington, Danny Clinch

Did you know that America’s greatest contribution to jazz came from black slaves brought to New Orleans from Cuba? Ben Jaffe’s parents, Allan and Sandra, founded the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band in 1961, which has played for presidents and kings ever since. Now Ben, seeking to fulfill his late father’s dream, takes his band from New Orleans to Cuba, where dark and ancient connections between their peoples reveal the roots of jazz.​ A Tuba to Cuba celebrates the triumph of the human spirit expressed through the universal language of music, and challenges us to resolve to build bridges, not walls.

Show Times:


The Farm Picks 2019 – Honorable Mentions


About The Colorado Film Society + Boulder International Film Festival


The Farm will be a silver-level sponsor for this annual visionary event supporting the artistic community and burgeoning innovative, diverse filmmakers into international prominence.

The Boulder International Film Festival brings films and filmmakers from around the world to Boulder for a four-day celebration of the art of cinema. Featuring a wide variety of films from local, national, and international filmmakers, including many that have gone on to significant box-office success and multiple Oscar nominations. Adding to the BIFF experience are events featuring nationally renowned chefs, filmmaker happy hours, multiple opening night Galas, talented musicians and much more. The Festival attracts more than 25,000 film enthusiasts, media and industry each year. BIFF has been proud to host and celebrate some of film’s most talented performers throughout the years.

The Colorado Film Society (CFS) is dedicated to nurturing and growing the vibrant film arts community in Boulder and along the Front Range. The mission of CFS is to encourage and celebrate the art of film by creating a dynamic forum for artistic, social and cultural awareness in the community. The Boulder Film Festival offers audiences an opportunity to see films from all corners of the world and to learn from a diverse group of filmmakers. Since the inaugural festival was presented in 2005, BIFF has developed a reputation as one of the most influential and innovative young film festivals in the U.S.”

-The Colorado Film Society

Boulder Film Festival | Boulder International Film Festival 2019

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