Boulder City Council To Consider Updating Cannabis Regulations

boulder marijuana regulations need revampBoulder City Council has finally decided to reconsider its marijuana business regulations, as reported by the Daily Camera. The current Boulder marijuana regulations are “out of step” with neighboring counties and other jurisdictions across the state, putting many Boulder, Colorado marijuana businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

City council member, Macon Cowles, has proposed that it’s time to review and rewrite these regulations to align more with the state. Mayor Matt Applebaum does not feel as though the regulations need a complete revamp, but is interested to see what City Council members have to say at the upcoming study session on September 17th.

Boulder Marijuana Regulations Confusing & Inconsistent

The current Boulder marijuana regulations are not only confusing, but seem to have underlying and hidden clauses that prevent Boulder Marijuana companies from conducting business in a savvy and lucrative way. The inconsistencies, between state and local marijuana rules, have created a complicated and unfair treatment of cannabis companies.

For more information regarding Boulder city cannabis regulations, The Farm has created a presentation (also displayed and available below), which outlines the current problems and corrective actions The Farm believes should be taken to revamp the current Boulder marijuana regulations. We would like to address ALL of these cannabis ordinance issues.

Now is the time to get involved and learn what you can do to help make these changes in the burgeoning legal marijuana industry. The current term expires on November 10th, 2015 (with general voting on November 3rd). We will do everything we can to keep you informed about who you are voting into City Council next, keeping in mind where candidate’s stand on issues that affect Boulder marijuana regulations.

To read the entire Daily Camera article, please click here.

Boulder Marijuana Ordinance PowerPoint Presentation

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