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Bruce Banner Strain Boulder, CO

Bruce Banner #4 | A West Coast Classic

Throughout the past half-century of cannabis cultivation and hybridization, there have been thousands of bred and dubbed strains. The majority of these fade into distant memories—forgotten in time. Few withstand the economic trials and growing pains to truly become renowned among marijuana enthusiasts. Indo-immortality is reserved for a select few strains that pique the imagination and leave the user with an unforgettable experience.

Bruce Banner, the notorious West Coast sativa-leaning series of hybrids, is undoubtedly a Hall of Fame contender in the collective conscious of cannabis culture. Several varieties of this crossbreed, whose original ancestors were OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, have been highly rated and distributed within cannabis circles.

Each version was designated a number to differentiate between the varying effects and flavors of each phenotype. We specifically chose Bruce Banner #4 for its potential complex cannabinoid ratios and possible medicinal benefits. Named after the incredible green behemoth comic-book superhero, this flower strain series is known for its potent strength and gargantuan flavor.

The Farm Craft Cannabis Difference |
Pesticide-Free, Small Batch, Slow Cured

Bruce Banner Strain Boulder Colorado Close up PhotoWhile this strain originally may have been bred by the infamous L.A.-based Dark Horse Genetics, it has reached its final evolved form under the calculated supervision of The Farm Genetics™ master breeders and cultivators (instagram and @thefarmgenetics1). Most recent batches have tested with a precise balance of ~23% THC and ~1% CBGa, providing a full-spectrum combination of effects.

Meanwhile, its usually strong, earthy and musky tones combined with subtle notes of coriander seed often give the user the experience of a full, flavorful smoke. The terpene profile is an evocative bouquet that has been brought to its highest potential under The Farm’s small-batch, slow-cure, and pesticide-free growing procedures. Usually, Banner OG’s hybrid-balance of sativa and indica leads to a heavy-hitting effect both psychoactively and physically, providing relief across mind and body.

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Incredible Bruce Banner Strain

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