Cannabis CBD Sale at The Farm

August is CBD Education Month!

Cannabis CBD marijuana productsSave 25% on Select Cannabis CBD Products

Boulder’s largest selection of cannabis CBD products just got better! Each week, you’ll save 25% on specific cannabis CBD products, like infused edibles, flower, concentrates and topical options.

If you’ve been on the fence about entering the world of cannabis and want to do it safely, cannabis CBD products can be the perfect way!

One of the most important things to know about CBD oils is their origin. Today, Whole Foods, Lucky’s and numerous other retailers carry an abundance of CBD products. These nationally-available CBD products are sourced from hemp, due to the current federal regulations on THC (the psychoactive compound).

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Hemp is often used for pulling chemicals, toxins and heavy metals out of soil so other crops are allowed to grow there. Often, the CBD concentrate can have more toxins than the plant. So knowing the source of the hemp is critical.

All CBD products at The Farm are cannabis derived, thus they contain varying levels of THC. State laws mandate that cannabis CBD must be tested for residuals and toxins. Marijuana regulations help us know our CBD is safe.

Having THC with CBD is advantageous, because THC helps CBD provide a full-body experience. Due to the benefits of the entourage effect, even a small amount of THC will help round out the effectiveness of a CBD product.

At The Farm, we are not doctors and cannot prescribe products to treat any ailments. However, we’ll do our best to educate you about the options, ratios, and safely introduce you to cannabis products that may help you with your particular symptoms.

With the vast array of cannabis CBD options at The Farm, you’re likely to find your CBD:THC sweet spot.


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Cannabis CBD Sale at The Farm

WEEK 1  |  AUG 2–AUG 8, 2018
Save 25% on All CBD Edibles
WEEK 2  |  AUG 9–AUG 15, 2018
Save 25% on All CBD Flower
WEEK 3  |  AUG 16–AUG 22, 2018
Save 25% on All CBD Concentrates & Topicals
WEEK 4 & 5  |  AUG 23–SEP 5, 2018
Storewide CBD Sale  |  Save 25% on All CBD Products


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