A Colorado Cannabis Pairing Featuring Food & Tea To Sweeten Your Winter

Cannabis Pairing with Food and Tea

Life is good, and meant to be enjoyed.
But it can be even better when you combine
the proper elements with exquisite timing.
We hope your winter season is truly sweet
and that you savor every moment.

The Pairing Junction | Issue #1

Compliment Your Soul at the Crossroads of Cannabis & Fine Dining

We, at The Farm, sincerely wish everyone opportunities in their lives to unwind—to breathe deeply and reflect upon an aesthetic experience of food, tea, and cannabis. Please peruse our recommendations, below, to assist in maximizing the enjoyment of your next tea-time or brunch.

Dim Sum Yum Cha” means to “touch the heart by enjoying snacks and drinking tea.” We hope your heart is touched by our cannabis pairing feature.

Cannabis Pairing #1: Light Winter Brunch

Cannabis Strain:
Cherry Mender (High CBD + High THC) by The Farm Genetics™
Blue Kudu Chocolate Bar | Pistachio + White Chocolate (CBD:THC 1:1)
Tea (Loose Leaf):
Golden Monkey Tea Hóngchá (Red/Black Tea) from Fujian Province, China
Note: Brew it with local El Dorado spring water in a porcelain tea pot, preferably with a Japanese Tetsubin or silver tea kettle.
Tea Snack:
Toasted/salted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Pairing Explanation
Craft Cannabis Pairing: Good Tea, Roasted Seeds, and a Good BookThis pairing is intended to be a light refreshment to start a relaxing Sunday with loved ones. The high-levels of CBD in both the Cherry Mender flower and the Blue Kudu bar mute the possible negative effects of too much THC or tea caffeine, ensuring a calm brunch. Meanwhile, the white chocolate-pistachio, when combined with the Cherry Mender’s subtle fruity cola flavors, is reminiscent of a 1950’s creamed diner-parlor beverage.

The Golden Monkey tea and toasted seeds will warm even the most chilled bones on a cold morning. The alternatively spicy and peppery notes round-out the creaminess of the flower and white chocolate notes. The nuttiness of the seeds highlights the pistachio flavor of the Blue Kudu, just in time for you to start craving roasted chestnuts by an open fire.

We also recommend enjoying this pairing with a traditional herbal incense, such as “Autumn Leaves” by Shoyeido brand. Round it out with gentle piano music set to low as a gentle backdrop to enjoyable conversation or a good book.

Cannabis Pairing #2: Holiday Party

Cannabis Strain:
Banner OG (formerly Bruce Banner #4)
SUM Superior Uptake Microdose (Relief – High CBD) sublinguals
Tea (Loose Leaf):
Golden-Tipped Hóngchá (Red/Black Tea) from Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan Province, China
Note: Brew it with local El Dorado spring water in a porcelain tea pot, preferably with a Japanese Tetsubin or silver tea kettle.
Tea Snack:
San Francisco sourdough bread, lightly-toasted, topped with feta cheese and chopped scallion tips, with fresh-cracked pepper and basil.

Pairing Explanation
Cannabis Pairing with Sourdough Bread Boulder, COThis classic flower strain, with a typically earthy and diesel aroma, is accentuated by the cool wintergreen flavor of the SUM microdose sublinguals, reminding one of a breath of crisp mountain air after an overnight snow.

Banner OG’s normally strong psychoactive and physical effects may get one in the proper mind state to move and socialize. It may also stimulate appetite for heavier, more savory snacks such as the feta and scallion-topped sourdough toast. The Jingmai Mountain red/black tea, with its strong caffeine-levels and heartier taste, reminiscent of a sweetened coffee-beverage, will give you the endurance to make it through the night and the mental clarity to enjoy conversation.

Overall, this pairing provides a hearty dose of umami-based foods to keep you satiated, as well an unusually strong dose of both flower, CBD, and caffeine to stimulate the imagination and increase social enjoyment.

We also recommend enjoying this pairing with an essential oil blend released via a nebulizer or diffuser. Try a combination of 2 parts Frankincense, 2 parts bergamot, and 1 part cedarwood for a refreshing seasonal aroma. Complement the holiday theme with classy party tunes, such as Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season from
Your Friends at The Farm!

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Pairing Cannabis with Tea

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