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Did you know that in Colorado you can grow your own marijuana? If you’ve ever dreamed about starting your own craft cannabis garden, or if you’re seeking wholesale cannabis seeds, check out The Farm’s Cannabis Seeds for sale. We only sell artisan, small batch, pesticide-free seeds developed in-house by our master cultivators, breeders, and curers. The Farm Genetics™ is dedicated to producing only the highest quality seeds possible grown with natural processes and meticulous supervision.

Please check out our cannabis seed germination time-lapse video below:

Our genetics breeder, head grower, and warehouse manager, Carter Casad, known among his colleagues as Dr. F, has dedicated the last several years to producing strains with the most desirable traits, unique cannabinoid profiles, and balanced terpene-spectrums. He is responsible for the creation of all The Farm Genetics™ phenotypes and experimental strains.

Our seeds for sale are F1 seeds (the first generation of a parental cross). In The Farm’s seed pack, you’ll receive six seeds, each holding its own unique potential for developing different amounts of traits from the parents. Variation among the seed pack is a wonderful thing. With each phenotype, you may discover unique desirable characteristics such as flavors, aromas, THC/CBD/CBG-levels, aesthetics, and more!

Cannabis Seeds for SaleCannabis Seeds for Sale

For individuals: reserve your seeds online for same-day pickup at The Farm (click here).

For marijuana business licensees: visit The Farm Wholesale website.



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