The Best CBD Strains at The Farm

It’s not surprising that demand for high CBD strains is keeping pace with the rising awareness of CBD’s medicinal benefits. But up until recently, THC, the psychoactive cannabis compound, reigned supreme in the world of recreational marijuana. Before cannabis became legal in Colorado

BoomBox Marijuana Strain: Introducing BackBeat OG

On February 22, 2018, after receiving more than 175 entries, the final selection was made for the BoomBox marijuana strain name. And the winner is… It’s Official! BoomBox’s Signature Craft Cannabis Strain is… “BackBeat OG” Congratulations to Trey Simmons! The audio engineer

BoomBox Craft Cannabis Strain Collaboration with The Farm

BoomBox About to Rock New Strain from The Farm Genetics Name that strain: Groovy new craft cannabis from The Farm dispensary pays tribute to the creative musical force of BoomBox. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOULDER, Colorado, February 1, 2018 — The electronic work of songwriter,

Cannabis Infused Roasted Organic Citrus Chicken

In the spirit of crafting community, we’ve teamed up once again with our friend, Chef Daniel Asher. He is the creator of this mouthwatering cannabis infused recipe and co-owner of Boulder-based River and Woods restaurant. Make it a Dazed and Infused Kickin’ Chicken! River & Woods

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