Tor des Géants Long-Distance Running Race Starts this Weekend

A Canna-Athlete Long-Distance Running in his Natural Habitat photo

A Tour of Giants at the Top of the World

Tor des Géants (which translates to Tour of Giants in the local Valdôtain dialect) is a physically and psychologically grueling 205-mile (330km) trail race through the snowcapped, mountainous heart of Aosta Valley in Italy.

World-class athletes from nearly every continent battle fatigue, their competition, and mother nature herself. Runners struggle against sun, snow, rain, wind, rough terrain, and extreme elevation changes before the 150-hour time limit runs out. Participants, such as The Farm-sponsored athlete, Avery Collins (@runninhigh), often forgo sleep by running at night, skip meals, and even decline medical care to set personal records and out-perform rival runners.

During its ten-year history, no American has ever circumnavigated the 28-mountain-pass Tor des Géants loop as the 1st-place winner… “With that being said…of the 900 runners this year, I… hope I’ll be the first to cross the line,” said Avery, just a few days prior to Tor des Géants, which runs from Sept. 9th – 16th, 2018.

Canna-Athlete Collins Outruns Stereotypes

Long-distance running phenom Avery Collins tackles Tour of Giants image

Colorado-local Collins is an eloquent yet humble ultra-athlete, letting his super-human performances and 1st-place long-distance running finishes make most of the noise. Although he did not start his running career until college, in 2017, he was the 9th ranked ultra-runner of the year by Ultra Running Magazine (winning numerous races including The Georgia Death Race Ultramarathon and The Grindstone 100-Mile Ultramarathon). Given his home environment in the Colorado Rockies, he’s well-equipped with a training regimen that will help him excel during the almost 90,000 ft. of vertical climbing during the race.

Long-Distance Running Collins on Cannabis

In addition to his world-class, nearly transcendental status as an ultrarunner, Collins is incinerating stereotypes about the “lazy stoner,” during his recovery hours off the trails. Both Collins, as a cannabis-enthusiast/canna-athlete, and The Farm hope to further educate the public on the health benefits of cannabis and dispel propagandized, negative myths.

I like smoking flower. The problem is, most people don’t realize I was a cannabis user before a runner,” says Collins, who keeps his consumption to off-hours and never partakes before his 100-mile competitions. “The most beneficial part of cannabis is…you can now use CBD in competition…There’s different types of cannabinoids that come out of the cannabis plant. There’s still a lot of research that needs to be done, but CBD would be the more advantageous part of the plant…I enjoy going on runs and taking edibles.

Collins is determined to leave his mark on history and become the 1st American winner of Tor des Géants. “The harder you make your life, the more you’ll start to enjoy it…At the end of the day, I care so much more about the adventure.

Avery begins his competition in Aosta Valley this upcoming Saturday, Sept. 9th, 2018.

Check out Avery Collin’s on “The Training for Ultra Podcast

On episode 41, he discusses picking the most brutal races possible, diet and nutrition, and balancing cannabis-use with high-performance athletics.

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