The Farm | Boulder Marijuana Adult Use Dispensary

On April 13, 2014, The Farm transitioned into a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary and is now open to the public (21 and over). The decision to convert The Farm was a direct result of the City of Boulder’s regulations which prohibit any Cannabis company from owning more than one medical dispensary and one retail dispensary. Transitioning the Farm into a “dual-use” facility, utilizing both licenses, would have forced us into closing our medical store, The Root.

As we grow into this newer version of The Farm, we want to assure our many loyal members who plan on keeping their medical cards that they will continue to receive the same benefits, the same high-end, award winning, quality cannabis and renowned patient care at our sister store and medical dispensary, The Root. For patients who prefer to continue shopping at The Farm, we have created an extremely competitive pricing structure that will be available only for valid red card holders.

We will continue to set the bar high, providing locally grown, natural cannabis and an exceptional experience.

The Farm remains committed to the movement to end nearly 80 years of Cannabis Prohibition and we are excited for this new chapter. Together we move forward, celebrating the right for all to ride free and no longer be hassled by the man.

The Wild Angels
Directed by Roger Corman

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