Probably the best dispensary in the state. You may have to wait a little bit to see a bud tender but it’s definitely worth the 5 to 10 minutes. They also have a great selection of some quirky shirts. This place came on high recommendation from some friends…

~ Jamil M., Apr. 2018, 5-Star Google Review

Has been one of the best places to go for your marijuana needs for years. Great selection, knowledgeable staff. Also nice selection of paraphernalia. You won’t be disappointed!!

~ David S., Mar. 2018, 5-Star Google Review

Staff is great. IndigoPro. Keep making the strain specific indigo pro cartridges and keep them in stock. Best product on the market hands down. Bubba Kush, GSC, and Jack Herrer are great.

~ Ripken, Mar. 2018, 5-star Weedmaps review

All the way from New Brunswick…. I love everything about this place. from the products they have in stock to the friendly staff. Not to mention they know what they’re talking about. The Farm will always be number 1 in my books.

~ Mikethehawksfankaner, Feb. 2018, 5-star Leafly review

STARFIGHTER is my favorite medicine in Boulder. STARFIGHTER works perfectly with my body chemistry. Wonderful strain well done. Their flower is impeccable. If you are looking for the best flower in town, you just found it.

~ Laedus, Feb. 2018, 5-star Weedmaps review

All staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and happy to engage in educating me about their products. I felt totally taken care of. I have not found a store in Boulder with anything close to their selection and service!

~ Ashlynn M., Jan. 2018, East Hampton, NY, 5-star Yelp review

In my opinion one of the best dispensaries around the area. They have online ordering which comes in handy. They offer rewards points. They do an early bird special along with other weekly specials. I’ve been coming here since 2013 and I’ve only been disappointed once and they gladly made it right by me. Prices aren’t terrible considering the quality you’re getting. Everything I have purchased has been flavorful and effective. Staff is always friendly. They don’t mind if you bring your dog. If it’s well behaved of course. They even offer pup a treat. I would highly recommend the farm to anyone looking for good quality.

~ Travis F., Jan. 2018, 5-star Google review

Love. It may be pricier, but that happens when you choose a non-chain dispensary. My customer loyalty is largely determined by customer service, and the staff here are amazing. I’m not a tourist and I’m not treated like one here.

~ Rose, Aug. 2017, 5-star Weedmaps review

“This is the premier craft bud shop I’ve found. The quality of the flowers shows in the terpenes, beautiful hairs with deep colors and lots of flavor. They carry high grade bud, organic and pest/insecticide free. It is slightly higher but well worth it for the quality. The flavors, tastes and buzz are award winners. Nice friendly shop with warm atmosphere. They also carry seeds for the ‘farmers’. The Farm is the micro brewery of craft cannabis. A real connoisseurs’ pot shop! I’ll be back often!!”

~ RamrodRick, Jul. 2017, 5-star Leafly review

I have been to almost 100 dispensaries in Colorado. I make the 1.5 hour drive at least once a month to hit the farm. You pay for what you get, is there cheaper cannabis out there? Absolutely. If you want the best, hit farm! They have daily and weekly specials, online discounts for using their express order service and the best buds and hash oil in the state. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and if you order online there is no wait, they have your order ready when you walk in 🙂

~ Judah L., Mar. 2017, Idaho Springs, CO, 5-star Yelp review

First, I’m not one of those that gives “everyone a 5” kinda guy, nope that’s not me. I’m literally known as The Grinch at work with a pic on my door and everything so here goes with my first EVER 5 star rating on ANYTHING. THE FARM – Best retail place ANYWHERE. Best service, great selection and outstanding product. They clearly explain everything (pros and cons) of your selection and will make suggestions if you ask. They make it easier to ask the dumb question without making you feel dumb. THE FARM has won my support for life! Thanks to the team for helping with a very difficult concern. You guys made it easier than I EVER could have imagined! Thank you.

~ Kevin L., Dec. 2016, Longmont, CO, 5-star Yelp review

The Farm is like visiting a cool winery or craft brewery but with a different product. This was our first extended visit since recreational marijuana was legalized and we loved the whole experience: it was comfortable, professional, and friendly. It’s tucked away on a little back street in Boulder with a few parking spaces out in front… they really know their stuff… There was no pressure, just patience and friendliness for a couple of relative newbies. He answered all of our questions about the strains, growth conditions, the shop, and the industry in general–it was like talking to a sommelier… if you are new, or curious, or just looking to find out more about the product and the industry, The Farm is a great place to visit. If we were local, this would definitely be our regular shop.

~ Yelp

There is no other dispensary as compliant with state law as The Farm… I mean this place is spotless, kind, affordable, aaaand crowded… Hummingbird co2 hash oil is unique to the dab community and the pen community as it has no additives in the vape cartridge…

~ Yelp

I can say now after a few months of living in Boulder and con-questing to find the absoute best pot for a reasonable price that I am proud to call The Farm my one stop shop for all my heady needs…. The staff is great and makes me feel at home greeting me with a smile and remembering my name every time…

~ WeedMaps

Quality medicine with friendly service!

~ Google

Dispensary of the future…you have to admit these folks have their shit together. Very impressive. An entire gift shop that’s laid out all nicey nice with books and gifts, a big parking lot, easy in/out. All their bud is prepackaged, which isn’t my favorite since I like old-skool service, but especially with a really busy shop you can’t do it any other way. Plus the location is really designed for high traffic. Once these guys go rec they’re going to really start killing it majorly as they’re halfway there. I think for medical there’s a few other options out there but for rec this is going to be a don’t miss for tourists.

~ Weedmaps

Out of the dispensaries I’ve been to, the farm is easily the best. The atmosphere alone would put it up there with the best. There’s a lot of dispensaries that look pretty drab and boring. The Farm is leaps and bounds above. It feels like a smartly done retail store. The staff are very friendly and I’m sure that’s by design.

~ Sticky Guide

The Farm knows how to GROW! The cannabis here is by far some of the highest quality that I’ve had. Deliciously aromatic, with perfect density and looking like something straight out of a magazine. Walking inside this dispensary for the first time, I immediately felt at home in the warm and welcoming environment. The knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness of these employees cannot be understated; they are unparalleled in the industry. A convenient location, very reasonable prices, and some of the best member benefits around. A Colorado treasure!

~ WeedMaps

Was treated very professionally and courteously. Love the organic variety and edibles. No complaints.

~ Yelp

This is the only place I’ve been to in the Boulder area that has consistently provided the best quality medicine, EVERY time. The buds are dense, large, and potent., seemingly for every strain and grow.

~ Sticky Guide

The Farm has, by far, the highest quality flowers and concentrates and reasonably low prices. Prices for BUTANE oil in town are upwards of $60-$70/g. Their CO2 oil is ultra clean and lasts a LONG time. I have not met friendlier staff, more knowledgeable people, and large selection. I used to frequent many other popular shops in town but now the Farm is it. Keep it up guys and I will be seeing you soon!

~ WeedMaps

After about 9 months and visiting over 20 dispensaries, this is the one I chose as my caregiver. They have the right balance of good meds, good prices, fun atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff. And just the other day as I was leaving, the budtender reminded me that I forgot to grab my 3 free joints this month. Bonus!

~ Sticky Guide

My wife and I have been visiting this fantastic dispensary every week for over a year now and haven’t been disappointed yet! While there have been other places that occasionally come close to the Farm’s top notch quality, none can consistently deliver the frosty, tasty and properly cured buds that we get every week from The Farm. The staff has treated us fairly each and every time. Their prices may come in on the high end, but just as with everything else in life, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! Thank You for making life in Colorado that much better!

~ WeedMaps

I LOVE this place. They have the BEST medicine. Staff is very professional & friendly.

~ WeedMaps

You would expect to go into a dispensary and find some wacked out stoners. That is not the case with the folks at The Farm. They are always friendly and professional. I became a member there because their member benefits were really fantastic. If you are going to start a relationship with any dispensary, these are the folks.

~ Yelp

The Farm strikes again! Superquality! And the staff is great- I dunno what some others are doing, but I get GREAT service every time!

~ WeedMaps

In my several trips or so to the Farm, I’ve always been amazed at the density, quality, trim, and size of the the buds offered, regardless of the gram price or strain. If you’re tired of fluffy, rather weak medicine offered by other providers, please do yourself a favor and come here and compare to the rest what is being sold in the rest of Boulder. No contest.

~ WeedMaps

I would definitely recommend the Blackberry Kush. Picked some up the other day and it is some of the tastiest stuff I have ever tried. If you haven’t checked out The Farm, your missing out. Key word: bong snaps.

~ WeedMaps

I am never going to shop anywhere else it’s just not worth the gamble. I mention your store to other card holders here in Fort Collins every opportunity I get, it’s just not right that Fort Collins is settling for less when they don’t have to.

~ WeedMaps

The Farm, hands down, has the best herb in the city of Boulder and for the best price. The store is BEAUTIFUL and although there is often a wait, I never mind waiting in their big new retail area. Movies, cool books, pipes, and clothes to look at…. it’s great. Stop shopping around and come get the best in town at The Farm!!!

~ WeedMaps

Amazing! Great ladies behind the counter, knowledgeable and very friendly. If you are in boulder this is definitely a place to check out. Great deals on everything from flowers to oil rigs, and make sure that you are taken care of! Can’t wait to go back to boulder to stop by!

~ WeedMaps

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