50 Colorado Schools to Receive Surplus Marijuana Tax Money

colorado marijuana tax money used for bullyingWith over $40 million already being used to fund school construction, Colorado state officials are using part of a whopping $66 million dollars of surplus marijuana tax revenue to fund bully prevention. Too much money? What an interesting problem to have.

That extra marijuana tax money could have been returned to taxpayers, however, Colorado residents voted in favor of Proposition BB allowing the state to keep the excess marijuana taxes. It wasn’t until now the 2011 grant plan was able to be put into motion thanks to the extra funds.

Where the Money Goes

50 schools will be chosen by the Colorado Department of Education and will be given $40,000 each in grants, all from marijuana tax money! The money will be used to form a bully prevention committee of parents, teachers, and staff members. Part of the grant money will be allocated towards giving schools special training from bully prevention coaches who will be teaching a variety of evidence-based bully prevention programs that have a proven track record. The 50 selected schools should be receiving their notices sometime in January.

In recent Colorado news,  a video of a middle school bully at a Commerce City bus stop went viral sparking outrage throughout the state.

  “I think it’s a huge problem,” said East High senior Isabel Dias-Bertch. “It’s something that haunts you the rest of your life.”

“I experienced bullying a little more than occasionally,” said East High senior Preston Harcourt. “You learn to love yourself more after time.”

Leaders of the Cannabis Movement

Problems like this are popping up more and more all over the country but Colorado seems to be the only state that’s making significant effort in promoting bully prevention in schools. Once again the state of Colorado has proved to the rest of the United States how marijuana legalization can have a positive impact on not only a community but an entire state.

“As far as we know, we’re the only state that is providing such significant funds to prevent bullying in schools,” said Dr. Adam Collins, bullying prevention and education grant coordinator for the CDE.

“It’s more than just teachers doing lessons, It’s about changing the culture of the school so that it’s a warm environment. So it’s somewhere that bullying can’t thrive.” he added.

Schools looking to apply for the Colorado Marijuana Tax Grant have until October 21st to submit an application.


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