Essential Extracts High Cannabinoid Solventless THCa

Cannabis Industry Pioneer Nikka-T Pops Up at The Farm

where to buy essential extracts thca High Cannabinoid Solventless ConcentrateMarijuana legalization activist, cannabis industry pioneer, and hash entrepreneur, known to the world as Nikka T (@nikka_t), will be appearing live at The Farm in Boulder, on August 25, 2017, from noon to 3pm, representing Essential Extracts, the first legal solventless company in the US.

Nikka T will personally launch the latest collaborations with The Farm to produce some of the world’s finest, cleanest, solvent-less cannabis concentrates. These include High Cannabinoid Solventless extract–Essential Extracts’ solvent-less answer to high-thc hydrocarbon extracts, which use chemicals such as butane and propane in their extraction methods.


The Yonder Mountain String Craft Cannabis Strain


Flying High into the Wild Bluegrass Yonder

Boulder’s #1 Dispensary The Farm Teams Up with Yonder Mountain String Band to Release New Craft Cannabis Strain 


BOULDER, Colorado, July 31, 2017 – The highly acclaimed Colorado-based progressive bluegrass band, Yonder Mountain String Band, has nominated The Farm dispensary, voted Boulder, Colorado’s #1 recreational dispensary, to release their first-ever craft cannabis strain. Yonder will be conducting a naming contest with their fan base to come up with a name for this unique Sativa-dominant hybrid.  

yonder mountain string band marijuana cannabis coloradoThe Farm has been developing its most innovative craft cannabis strains to date under a new label – The Farm Genetics. Bred in-house with a focus on the complete cannabis experience, The Farm’s genetic artisans have crafted exceptional strains that express the full genetic potential each plant offers.   (more…)

How Marijuana is Helping Colorado

Crafting Community in Boulder

How Marijuana is Helping Colorado - Crafting Community in Boulder - The Farm Marijuana Dispensary helps out in Boulder Shelter for The HomelessAs ambassadors for legalization, The Farm continues to blaze the path, acting as positive role models in the quest to end the negative perception of cannabis. In addition to setting an example by being one hundred percent compliant with all city and state marijuana laws, The Farm also endeavors to be a shining star, guiding positive social change, by contributing to the communal fabric of Colorado.

Though the economic impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado is a common topic, The Farm is focusing on a not so popular aspect, and one of its leading ideals—to use our momentum to do good in our community, creating the very social benefits we want to see in our state. This month, The Farm has teamed up with several businesses and non-profit organizations to put their energy toward such efforts. (more…)

Microdosing Cannabis

Sparking New Trends Through Microdosing with Cannabis

Marijuana’s new-found freedom in many states is sparking trends in various consumption techniques. The latest one is microdosing cannabis.

Marijuana Microdosing - St. Albert & The LSD Revelation Revolution, by Alex Grey, 2006, 24 x 30 in. Oil on wood panel. www.alexgrey.comMicrodosing is now growing in popularity with adult use of marijuana. The Swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hofmann, is credited, among other things, with the method of microdosing. His method, involving low, almost imperceptible doses of a substance, has carried over into the rapidly-growing world of cannabis.

Gizmodo, Huffington Post and even Rolling Stone have recently written about this new method. It’s also being studied in mice, to understand the effects of microdosing THC and CBD, the two main compounds in marijuana.

A recently published study in the journal Nature Medicine, found increased cognitive functions and abilities in older mice when compared to a placebo group of mice. The mice were subjected to memory and recognition tests before and after receiving a mouse-sized microdose of THC and CBD. The results were intriguing. (more…)

The Health Benefits of Cannabis

health benefits of cbg and cbdThe Health Benefits of Cannabis

By Carter Casad

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and, for the people of Boulder, the highlight is a massive display of community, health, and fitness. The BolderBoulder—one of the largest, most highly celebrated 10K’s in the world—brings more than 50,000 people to share in the spirit of health. During this holiday of reflection and community, we take a moment to celebrate the health benefits of cannabis.

It’s been said that, if scientists stumbled upon cannabis for the first time today, this plant would be heralded as the next miracle drug. By producing compounds called cannabinoids, this flower has evolved a unique ability to mimic and interact with neurotransmitters in the human body.


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