The Farm Announces New Name for Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue Strain New Name: OG GLUEAs we mentioned in our Gorilla Glue & GG Strains Settle Trademark Infringement article on adhesives company, Gorilla Glue, and the Nevada-based seed company, GG Strains, have settled their trademark dispute.

The settlement stipulates that GG Strains will have about one year to cease using all gorilla-based names and imagery.

New Gorilla Glue Strain Names

At The Farm, we have selected the new names that will replace our two popular strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and The Farm Genetics™’ Gorilla Gum. These will carry the parenthetical phrase “formerly known as” for the next year. (more…)

Cannabis Recipe Pairing for Thanksgiving

Make it a Green Thanksgiving!

Cannabis Recipe Pairing for ThanksgivingIn the spirit of crafting community, our cannabis recipe pairing suggestion was concocted by our friend, Chef Daniel Asher, co-owner of River and Woods—a true community restaurant that serves up an elevated taste of Colorado Comfort Cuisine, right in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, on Pearl Street.

Cannabis Recipe Pairing Suggestion

Our Thoughtful Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe is ideal for pairing with exceptional, small batch, craft cannabis strains from The Farm Genetics, like Mountain Thunder.

The Farm Genetics Mountain Thunder Craft Cannabis StrainWith its flavor reminiscent of a high alpine forest after a midday thunderstorm, and an aroma with hints of pine and eucalyptus, this Colorado sativa makes the perfect companion for getting creative in the kitchen and enjoying a truly green and memorable meal!


Gorilla Glue & GG Strains Settle Trademark Infringement

 gorilla glue x sour bubble: strong, best indica hybrid the farm genetics gorilla gum

The Farm Genetics’ Gorilla Gum

GG Strains to Cease Use of “Gorilla Glue”

After a long and heated dispute between adhesives company, Gorilla Glue, and the seed company, GG Strains — attributed with having named the very popular cannabis strain, Gorilla Glue#4 — the two companies have reached a settlement.

The settlement stipulates that GG Strains will have about one year to cease using all gorilla-based names and imagery.

The Farm to Develop New Names

At The Farm, in the next 30 days, we will be changing our two popular strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and The Farm Genetics’ Gorilla Gum, to new names, which will carry the parenthetical phrase “formerly known as” for the next year. Stay tuned for the new names.

For more information, visit the original article in The Cannabist.

To read Part II of this series, go to The Farm Announces New Name for Gorilla Glue Strain.



The Cannabis Plant – A Basic Botany Lesson

Written by Peter Debbink, Extraction Supervisor at The Farm — September 20, 2017

Few plants in history have provoked such a strong reaction in society as the cannabis plant, with some segments of the population condemning its use, while others praising its therapeutic potential and medicinal benefits.

As a plant, cannabis is a fascinating specimen and this blog will explore the various botanical aspects and attempt to explain it in a comprehensive, easy to understand manner, as well as briefly examine the history of mankind’s relationship with this plant. (more…)

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox at the Longmont Oktoberfest

2017 Boulder Oktoberfest

Dust of your lederhosen and dirndls! This year’s Oktoberfest in Longmont, Colorado starts this Friday, on the eve of the Autumn Equinox.

Kick off the season of festivity and goodwill with this 2-day musical and craft beer-drinking festival, organized by High Five Events to benefit non-profit organizations in Boulder County, like the “I Have a Dream Foundation” and the Left Hand Brewing Foundation, among others.  Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing formed the Left Hand Brewing Foundation, as a conduit to help support community needs, arts and cultural activities in Boulder County and other areas.

This year’s efforts will also focus on bringing relief to those affected by the most recent natural disasters, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Be sure to stop and hang out at The Farm’s booth; we’ll be collecting cash-only donations to help the people recently devastated by Hurricane Irma.



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