Legendary Wailers Visit The Farm This Friday

Boulder, Colorado, September 21th, 2016 — This Friday, at 4 pm, Longmont Oktoberfest headliner, The Wailers—the world’s legendary reggae band—will be making a special appearance and getting a tour of The Farm, Boulder’s recreational dispensary, which produces some of the finest craft cannabis in Colorado.

the wailers play longmont coloradoReggae culture has long been synonymous with peace, “one love”—and cannabis. The songs of reggae’s most transcendental icons, Bob Marley and the Wailers, have become graceful hymns of the social consciousness movement they brought to the limelight during their tenure. Today, the world’s premier reggae and world-music group, The Wailers, continue to spread the positive vibrations of Marley’s musical legacy through live performances around the world. The Wailers will be jamming live this Friday at 8:30pm in Roosevelt Park in Longmont.


Labor Day Weekend Sale

Relax this Labor Day, You’ve Earned It

Labor Day Weekend SaleAccording to the United States Department of Labor, the quickly-approaching holiday at summer’s end is “a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” Therefore, this holiday and our Labor Day Weekend Sale at The Farm is a respectful nod to those who contribute to the success of our economy. Cannabis, after any work day, may help rejuvenate the mind and body; those of us who have tried it will agree. But, an entire Monday off can really do wonders to the spirit!


CU vs CSU: Rocky Mountain Showdown: One Day Only Sale

cu vs csu dispensary flash sale at the farm

CU vs CSU Game gets a Flash Sale at The Farm!


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The University of Colorado Buffaloes will play the Colorado State University Rams in the CU vs CSU Rocky Mountain Showdown on Friday, September 2nd, at Mile High Stadium. Winner takes the Centennial Cup.

Boulder Construction Near The Farm: Public Art and New Gateway

Boulder Construction to Enhance Northeast City Entrance

boulder construction - at the farm

You may have been irked this summer by the long delays near Diagonal Highway on the North side of town. You may have noticed the construction near The Farm. You may have even thought that The Farm was closed during this period of Boulder construction; however, we are not closed! We are open and we are excited because we are getting some great enhancements to our space! (more…)

7/10 Holiday Sale!

Shop for 7/10 at The Farm


Much in the same way that April 20th has become a holiday to celebrate marijuana consumption, known as 4/20, there is another cannabis holiday on July 10th. It is known as 7/10 and has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. (710 upside down spells “oil”). The summer holiday celebrates, more specifically, the concentrated forms of cannabis rather than the spring holiday which is more of a general celebration of the plant and culture. Come check out our radical 7/10 sale featuring the First Ever Concentrate 1/8. To encourage you to try concentrates this holiday, many of our hash products and accessories are offered at an amazing price during The Farm’s 7/10 Sale, offered July 5th – 10th! (more…)

Independence Day Sale at The Farm

Visit The Farm for Our Independence Day Sale – July 1st – 4th

FARM_4TH_JULY_FREEDOM_FLIGHT_2016_socialThe Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner! The Farm is excited to celebrate our nation’s independence with some offers screaming so loud, you’ll think it’s the bottle rockets, the dragon tears, the attitude adjusters, or the black cats going off! Come hang with us and observe the holiday. Exercise your civil liberties. Stop by The Farm to catch our amazing sale!


New Cannabis Edibles: Made by The Growing Kitchen for The Farm

Two Leading Boulder Companies Concoct Delicious Knick Knacks – The Growing Kitchen & The Farm

The Growing Kitchen

To get into the proper head space for our weekend camping trip, my partner and I ate one of The Farm’s sativa Knick Knacks.

We began by each biting one of the ten-milligram pieces from the thirty-milligram confection. We split the remaining third of the Knick Knack, which topped us out at fifteen milligrams apiece.


Dead and Company at Folsom Field

The Dead’s Tunes & Great Cannabis – Some Things Never Get Old!

Dead and Company at Folsom Field

The Farm is excited to see Dead and Company at Folsom Field on July 2nd and 3rd! They will join the list of legendary groups to preform in the Buff’s football stadium.

The Dead and Company includes former members of the Grateful Dead–Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann–along with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti. O, the talent! All on one stage. You know, it’s true when they say, Some things never change, because that ecstatic feeling of the Dead’s music paired with great cannabis never gets old. And, that’s something that will never change!


The Health Benefits of Cannabis

health benefits of cbg and cbdThe Health Benefits of Cannabis

By Carter Casad

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and, for the people of Boulder, the highlight is a massive display of community, health, and fitness. The BolderBoulder—one of the largest, most highly celebrated 10K’s in the world—brings more than 50,000 people to share in the spirit of health. During this holiday of reflection and community, we take a moment to celebrate the health benefits of cannabis.

It’s been said that, if scientists stumbled upon cannabis for the first time today, this plant would be heralded as the next miracle drug. By producing compounds called cannabinoids, this flower has evolved a unique ability to mimic and interact with neurotransmitters in the human body.


New Marijuana Genetics Arrive at The Farm

First Batches of The Farm’s Finest Mother Plants Debut on Mother’s Day 2017

After years of research and development, Boulder’s award-winning adult use dispensary, The Farm, will be releasing some of its most innovative craft cannabis strains under a new label – The Farm Genetics. Developed to appeal to a variety of day-to-day activities, different lifestyles, and chosen from their finest mother plants, the first small batches of these beautiful craft cannabis varieties will be available on Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017.

The Farm Genetics Color Logo - Marijuana GeneticsBred in-house with a focus on the complete cannabis experience, The Farm’s genetic artisans have crafted exceptional strains that express the full genetic potential each plant offers. “Our breeding process is a twist of science and art, using cutting-edge research and techniques that draw from decades of experience from a diverse pool of professionals,” says Carter Casad, head of R&D at The Farm Genetics. “Artfully selected from our most outstanding mother plants, our newest flower line features unique cannabinoid ratios, desirable flavor and aroma profiles, and exotic, potent effects.” (more…)

Cannabis for Cancer and Community

Cannabis and our Community

At The Farm, not only do we believe in bringing to our community the finest craft cannabis in Colorado, but we also believe in engaging with and supporting our community members. This year on Mother’s Day, The Farm will partner up with the nation’s first cannabis for cancer nonprofit organization, Flower for Hope. We will be donating 3% of our Mother’s Day sales to help provide women with cancer education and safe access to Medical Marijuana cards.


A Goal to End Cancer with Cannabis Access

marijuana for cancer nonprofit coloradoWe are delighted to be hosting Flower for Hope this Mother’s Day. At Flower for Hope the mission is clear, to end cancer! With the soaring costs of quality medical marijuana care, Flower for Hope aims to assist women going through cancer in gaining access to quality medical marijuana, free medical marijuana cards, and access to high quality cannabis products. Flower for Hope also wants to end the stigma that comes with consuming cannabis for cancer and educates women about medicinal benefits of cannabis.


The Grow-Off Cannabis Cup 2017

The First Annual Grow-Off Cannabis Cup

April 6, 2017

2017 grow-off-cannabis cup competition - award-winning strain - race fuel ogLookout world, there’s a new cannabis cup in town!

This past Saturday marked the first ever Colorado cannabis industry “Grow-Off,” a competition that crowns itself to be the “Iron Chef” of growing cannabis, according to founder, Jake Browne. The competition, presented by Grownetics, Cultivate and Botanicare differs from most, which are frequently criticized by industry leaders for their judging standards.

The Grow-Off uses a very strict judging process that involves science; unlike other cannabis competitions, which are typically judged by a panel of cannabis connoisseurs and are thus more subjective.

Based on measurable lab results, with help from TEQ Analytics, a third-party testing company located in the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center, several awards and cash prizes were handed out to winners in three categories: flavor, potency, and yield. Only companies with a commercial grow license were allowed to enter this elite Colorado cannabis competition. (more…)

The Farm Celebrates Cultural Arts at 2017 Boulder International Film Festival Filmmaker Lounge

marijuana deals at the boulder international film festival The Farm recreational dispensary is proud to promote cultural arts by supporting the Colorado Film Society’s (CFS) biggest event of the year—the 13th Annual Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF). This community event brings films, filmmakers and moviegoers from around the world to Boulder for a four-day celebration of cinema arts and culture. To add to the festivities, The Farm, with support from local companies Suerte Tequila, Wana Brands, Wibby Brewing, and Dixie Elixirs, is hosting a Happy Hour Mixer at the BIFF Filmmaker Lounge at the Lazy Dog in Downtown Boulder. Guests can enjoy complimentary drinks (provided by Wibby and Suerte) and appetizers (courtesy of Wana and Dixie), as well as live music by local talent, Bella Musser and Amy Kress. (more…)

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