Live Flower Distillate | AiroPro Terpene-Infused Cannabis Oil

What is Live Flower Distillate? Cannabis Oil Terpene Infusion Breakthrough!

What is Live Flower Distillate? | Terpene-Infused Cannabis Oil

What is Live Flower Distillate?

The wholesome nature of the cannabis plant has acted as a check-and-balance against changing consumer desires for pure convenience. As many flower smokers will tell you, concentrates may provide a strong THC head-buzz, but often lack the ‘complete’ feeling derived from slow-cured cannabis.

There is something missing from a dab or vape cartridge—they don’t quite satiate the soul like the full cannabis flower.

Many developments have been made in recent years to bridge this gap between sensual enjoyment and hectic lifestyles, such as live resin. However, none of these products have matched the breadth of the sensimilla experience, while also being a discreet and portable delivery method… until now. (more…)

Bruce Banner’s New Alter Ego Smashes Boulder Expectations

Bruce Banner #4, renamed Banner OG, SMASHES onto Farm Flower Menu!

Bruce Banner Strain Boulder, CO

Bruce Banner #4 | A West Coast Classic

Throughout the past half-century of cannabis cultivation and hybridization, there have been thousands of bred and dubbed strains. The majority of these fade into distant memories—forgotten in time. Few withstand the economic trials and growing pains to truly become renowned among marijuana enthusiasts. Indo-immortality is reserved for a select few strains that pique the imagination and leave the user with an unforgettable experience.

Bruce Banner, the notorious West Coast sativa-leaning series of hybrids, is undoubtedly a Hall of Fame contender in the collective conscious of cannabis culture. Several varieties of this crossbreed, whose original ancestors were OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, have been highly rated and distributed within cannabis circles. (more…)

What’s Your Craft? | Marijuana Fitness | Winter 2018

Join Local Cannabis Athletes’ Quest to Achieve Pinnacle Marijuana Fitness

Marijuana Fitness | What's Your Craft?

We climb mountains.
We work overtime.
We are parents and business owners.
The world is being shaped by our actions.
Our potential is boundless.
Our horizons are undefined.
We intend to shed the antiquated notion that we are limited by an herb…

The Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle |
The Summit of Marijuana Fitness

Cannabis lifestyles are rapidly transforming in Colorado as our melting pot of a state attracts increasingly diverse and innovative minds. What once was a stereotyped paradigm of the “couch-potato stoner” is now a transitioning idea—marijuana and its constituents can be effective medicines, experiential tools, and even performance enhancers.

This herb, previously reserved for hidden and private circles, is penetrating the habits of community leaders, successful athletes, and transcendent thinkers. Marijuana fitness, a previously contradictory notion, is becoming an essential component of Colorado culture.

Join The Farm in our quest to celebrate the individuals pushing our movement forward. The women and men, below, let the world know, on a daily basis that we refuse to let past perceptions dictate the future positive changes we wish to create in the world. Read ahead to hear motivational testimonies from our featured achievers, athletes, professionals, artists, and lifestyle enthusiasts.



Elegant Winter Cannabis Pairing | The Pairing Junction #1

A Colorado Cannabis Pairing Featuring Food & Tea To Sweeten Your Winter

Cannabis Pairing with Food and Tea

Life is good, and meant to be enjoyed.
But it can be even better when you combine
the proper elements with exquisite timing.
We hope your winter season is truly sweet
and that you savor every moment.

The Pairing Junction | Issue #1

Compliment Your Soul at the Crossroads of Cannabis & Fine Dining

We, at The Farm, sincerely wish everyone opportunities in their lives to unwind—to breathe deeply and reflect upon an aesthetic experience of food, tea, and cannabis. Please peruse our recommendations, below, to assist in maximizing the enjoyment of your next tea-time or brunch.

Dim Sum Yum Cha” means to “touch the heart by enjoying snacks and drinking tea.” We hope your heart is touched by our cannabis pairing feature.


BoomBox Denver Show | BackBeat OG Signature Strain

BoomBox Denver Show rocks The Fillmore on Friday, Dec. 21st, 2018!

BoomBox Denver | Signature Strain

BoomBox to Rock the Fillmore |
BackBeat OG Rolls Back Onto Shelves

BoomBox is back, Colorado! Order your tickets today to hear some groovy beats from Zion Godchaux and crew, featuring special guests Classixx (DJ set) and Orchard Lounge. The show starts 7:30pm on Friday, December 21st, 2018 at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. Conscious Alliance is hosting an “Art That Feeds” toy-drive at the BoomBox Denver holiday party. They will be giving out a free limited-edition poster when you donate a new, unwrapped toy (while supplies last).

BoomBox’s signature cannabis strain, BackBeat OG, will be arriving back on our shelves, exclusively at The Farm, starting Friday, Dec. 7th, 2018. This potent indica goes hand-in-hand with BoomBox’s bumpin’ bass and smooth sound.


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