Premier Boulder Dispensary Turns Nine | Thank You!

The Farm Celebrated its 9th Anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2018!
Thank you for making us a premier Boulder dispensary.

The Premier Boulder Dispensary - The Farm

Nine Years of Farming with the Premier Boulder Dispensary

Birthdays and anniversaries oftentimes cause people to look back upon years gone-by and reminisce. We at The Farm Boulder Dispensary consider ourselves the luckiest people in the world to work and live in an innovative industry in colorful Colorado.

Every smiling face brightening our doorway over the past nine years has made us want to say…”Thank You Boulder!”  We are celebrating nine years of farming by sharing a few of our stories and memories from our longest-tenured Farmer veterans.


Microdosing Marijuana | Introducing SUM Sublinguals

New Health Movement for Productivity | Microdosing Marijuana

Microdosing Marijuana is Medicating Mindfully 

Microdosing is the new health and wellness movement among active marijuana users. By ingesting smaller quantities, users are able to realize the full array of benefits and pain relief, without an overwhelming psychoactive effect compromising productivity. The goal of microdosing is to experience the well-being of cannabis use, while maintaining one’s normal mind-state during everyday interactions.

It should be noted that while cannabis research is in its infancy, current social trends and initial consensus is revealing that microdosing marijuana may result in the many of the same benefits as heavier use, without any negative physical or social side effects. Interestingly, taking below-psychoactive dosages of cannabis is a trend within Silicon Valley social circles.

Microdosing Marijuana SUM Sublinguals RELIEF imageMicrodosing Marijuana SUM Sublingual tablets ENERGY


Pairing Food with Cannabis Featuring River & Woods

Craft Cannabis | Pairing Food with Chef Daniel’s Colorado Harvest Feast

Pairing Food with Cannabis is the Ultimate Combination

Over the River and Through the Woods to a Colorado Cannabis Food Pairing

Coloradans have a reputation for state pride. We prefer locally-sourced, artisan foods made with love and grown in our snowmelt-nourished soil. The taste of a Palisade peach is always a little sweeter to us than a Georgia peach. Pueblo green chiles suit the Colorado palate for “sloppers” better than Southwest Hatch chiles… And don’t even get started on craft cannabis and beer!

Leading this philosophy, local chefs like Chef Daniel Asher of Boulder’s River & Woods are raising the culinary standard. He combines modern tools with old world aesthetic and traditional food-growing methods. Chef Daniel and River & Woods both promise to offer a “menu that is sourced from the most honest and local ingredients available, and serve food that is at once wholly familiar and infused with innovation.”

To celebrate the changing season, The Farm Genetics™ joined forces with Chef Daniel, along with Lisa Siciliano of Dog Daze Photo, to present you with the ultimate locally-sourced, sustainably-produced “Colorado Harvest Feast” cannabis and food pairing.


Live Resin | New Concentrate of the Week Special

Live Resin “Concentrate of the Week” Debuts at $25 | New Arrival Every Thursday

Live Resin Concentrate Supply Company Wide photo

Get ‘Live’ For Just 25!

Expectations have changed in the cannabis industry. Just a few short years ago, “wax” was all the rage. Following that, “shatter” was the next big deal. Today, knowledgeable cannabis consumers demand live resin, a high-terpene content, cold-extracted concentrate known for capturing the complex flavor of a freshly-trimmed marijuana plant. Unfortunately, they often find their desire dampened by high prices.

The Farm intends to shatter this paradigm with our new Concentrate of the Week Live Resin special. Every Thursday, our shop will feature a new variety of live resin for only $25 per gram* for the entire week! Exquisite, terpene-rich live resin at an accessible price!

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New CBD Tincture Line | Lift Off to the Kush Stratosphere

Stratos’ CBD Tincture Line Lands in Time for Parents’ Weekend!

Order New Stratos Tinctures via Online Express Pick-Up

An Out-Of-This-World Experience

It can be difficult to fit a cannabis regimen into a hectic schedule. Between the need for discretion and busy lifestyles, cannabis consumers are increasingly turning toward tinctures—orally-ingested infused oils—to satisfy their green tooth. As we welcome parents back to Boulder this weekend, The Farm is introducing a convenient, new CBD tincture line to meet this rising demand.

Already loved for their experience-focused cannabis-infused pills, Stratos is setting the bar higher than ever before. Their CBD tincture selection uses medium-chain triglycerides, the same beneficial component that comprises the majority of coconut oil. Stratos’ new CBD tincture line includes two balanced 1:1 CBD to THC varieties, and one CBD-potent 15:1 alternative.  (more…)

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