Cooking with Cannabis Article by Jeffrey Steingarten, Vogue Magazine – September 1, 2014download

“The Farm is probably the best-known and best-stocked cannabis shop in Boulder. The one-story building with a little clock tower on the roof and a huge, well-executed mural of a farm covering one wall, stands by itself in the corner of a parking lot that serves a small shopping area. There are two sizable public rooms inside, one with easy chairs and a couch, on which you can browse through local alternative newspapers and cannabis magazines and books while you wait to be admitted to the “flower room.”

The “flower room” is where everything for sale that can get you high is on display. There are the buds themselves, straight (75 percent) THC oil, hash oil, and various extracts and tinctures. (For hashish itself, we were directed to another excellent shop called Terrapin Care Station.) Before venturing into the more mysterious world of buds, we chose: (1) a long, elegant clear plastic tube containing ⅓ gram of liquid hash oil; (2) a small brown glass bottle labeled Dixie Elixirs Dew Drops Vanilla 100 mg; (3) Canyon Cultivation Vanilla Mint Liquid; (4) Dixie Elixirs Pain Relief Salve 1 oz. (for Caron’s fractured thumb); (5) two perfectly packed marijuana cigarettes; and (6) a few “edibles,” as they are universally known—medicated candies and candy bars, cookies, and brownies.

Everybody seems to agree that a mild or starting dose would contain five to ten milligrams of THC, short for “tetrahydrocannabinol.” And the labels on most edibles let you know the precise amount of THC in each portion, or at the very least, how much you’d have to eat to ingest one dose. Caron shared a love of hard-candy lemon drops with her late mother, Marjorie, and so we bought several packages of medicated lemon drops. Each one, the label told us, contained one dose of 10 mg of THC. When a label is not so explicit and precise as this, then you should just say no. After all, in a place like Boulder or in a shop like the Farm there are so many ways to get high that there’s no reason to risk having a bad trip, a bummer.”

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