At The Farm, we foster a culture of quality and live by our Craft Cannabis Ideology. To produce craft cannabis entails a masterful blend of art and science, including:

  • Small bloom rooms tended by master growers, one crop at a time
  • Organic integrated pest and disease management
  • The methodical artistry of post-cultivation dry and cure processes


the-farm-boulder-storeSmall Bloom Rooms Designed for Small Batches

A principal practice at the Farm is the way we design our spaces for small-batch growing. Our facilities are no larger than 10,000 square feet. Within these facilities, instead of building one big flower room, we build multiple smaller bloom rooms to create individual flower batches or bloom crops.

This way, our growers can carefully monitor and track every plant and attend to individual plant needs. The strains that comprise crop rooms are matched up, in terms of their growth characteristics and needs, so that growers can better tailor feedings and direct plant care. The same growers, care for each bloom room with pride throughout the entire flower cycle, which is eight to ten weeks depending upon the strains.

Our design allows us to harvest an entire room all at once, rather than harvest only parts of one large room. Having smaller rooms with crops unified in their stage of development has made small-batch, craft cannabis quality a reality in large-scale cannabis cultivation.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management Strategy

Another key component of creating the finest craft cannabis comes down to comprehensive pest and disease management. Because pests and disease are inevitable, it isn’t a question of “if,” but “when and how” a cannabis grower deals with them.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecosystem-based strategy used to prevent and control plant pests and disease in order to avoid damage to crops, while also protecting the health of workers, consumers and the environment. At the Farm, our comprehensive IPM strategy is focused on prevention through rigorous cultural control practices, some of which are outlined below.


First and foremost, the environment has to be clean—very clean. Pests make a home and propagate in the debris that can build up in a marijuana growing facility. A clean, almost sterile environment is particularly important for indoor growing. At The Farm, we designed our facilities to reinforce our obsession with cleanliness by allowing us to sterilize each individual room between harvests.

Climate Control

Microclimates can develop within a room, which can be conducive to pests and disease taking hold. The Farm’s climate control process entails dialing in indoor environmental conditions to make them inhospitable to pests.

Proper Pruning

Our IPM strategy also incorporates a culture of exacting plant pruning. This meticulous procedure was developed to promote clean airflow through the plant canopy and to prevent a dense and damp environment where pathogens could thrive.

Organic Pest Control

Eradication of pathogens is the goal. This is not always feasible, however, without using organic pest control methods. As leaders in responsible cannabis production, at The Farm, we apply organic pest- and disease-control mixtures only during pre-flower stages of plant development. We never spray pesticides or fungicides during the flower stage of growth. We strictly use organic, non-systemic pesticides and fungicides during the vegetative stages of growth prior to bud development. Even organic compounds, if applied at the wrong time on a cannabis crop, may be harmful if smoked. After all, you can’t wash pesticides off cannabis buds as easily as you can off an organic tomato. Our organic pest control methods ensure only the best pesticide-free marijuana flower reaches you.

Facilities Design

Because we build multiple smaller bloom rooms to create individual flower crops, this directly affects our strategic application of organic pesticides. By contrast, a typical grower in a larger bloom room has crops in all the stages of flower development, thus making it difficult, if not impossible, to spray pesticides without getting them on the flowers or buds. These synthetic or organic pesticide-laden cannabis flowers may, in turn, be harmful to your health when either smoked or extracted for concentrate production.

Our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management strategy may be more complex, time-consuming and costly than simply spraying a problem with a toxic solution, but to us, this conscious investment makes sense. Using a combination of biological and environmental controls, in conjunction with strict organizational practices, we are able to consistently deliver the highest quality pesticide-free, natural cannabis flower.

The Artistry of the Dry-Cure Processes

Essential to craft cannabis production is the 5- to 8-week drying and curing processes used to achieve a smooth and flavorful smoke. This is the final step in bringing the genetic potential of each strain to fruition. It is truly an art form.

At the Farm we have a full time staff that focuses solely on drying and curing of our product one batch at a time. Following strict environmental control parameters and handling protocols, our team dry and cure the product, at a slow and steady pace, to ensure the ideal moisture content, flavor and aromatic profile.

The result is a product that has realized its full potential. We test every batch of every strain that we grow for potency even though the state testing requirements do not require us to do so. This is one of the ways that we track the performance of our genetics, our processes and our facilities over time.

Craft Cannabis Ideology

Orchestrating the interplay of genetic makeup and environment, the skilled craft cannabis grow team develops an attunement first with their mother plants. They then nurture the plants throughout all of the stages of development, working in unison to cultivate individual plants into crop batches that respond, as one, to the optimal grow and care conditions.

Developing and maintaining standard operating procedures is foundational for successful cultivation, but the finest product only comes from craft growers who are in tune and apply their skills to caring for their plants and crops.

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