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Blog written by Nick Bollard, October 22, 2015 

YourVoteCounts-480x480On November 3rd, Boulder city residents will vote on seven ballot issues and five City Council seats. Among the local issues that you need to consider before voting in the general elections next month is the impact to Boulder marijuana legislation and marijuana in Colorado. There are no changes on the ballot, but if you are in support of the cannabis industry and the positive social and economic impact of legalization, you need to know which candidates for Boulder City Council support the industry and want it to thrive here. In short, the City Council is in the process of deciding whether the city’s marijuana regulations ought to be aligned, or at least more closely aligned, with the state of Colorado regulations. This decision will be inherited by the new council, majority of whom will be determined by this election. In a recent Weed Between the Lines article, Leland Rucker explains the possible regulatory changes in more detail.


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With twenty-six years of involvement in Boulder, Lisa Morzel not only supports a robust cannabis industry, but also stands for responsible environmental legislation, as well as diversity in our community and inclusive planning for affordable housing. To learn more about Lisa Morzel, visit her website.


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Another candidate that wants to bolster the cannabis industry through sensible legislation is Bob Yates. Having dedicated himself full time to community activism, Mr. Yates has served on the boards of the Boulder History Museum, the Chautauqua Association, and the Dairy Center for the Arts. On his website, he writes that he believes “Boulder should be a leader in the reduction of carbon emissions and waste.” Read more about his stance on the issues facing the community on his website.


CRcpudsWoAQ3DR6Bill Rigler has made a career fighting for issues he feels strongly about. He moved to Boulder while employed as the director of communications for Al Gore’s global climate change initiative. He has also worked for the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation. He is campaigning in support of multi-modal transportation options, an economic environment where startup and tech companies flourish, and affordable housing for Boulder’s workforce. To read more about Bill Rigler’s campaign, go to his website.




Running for re-election on the platform of securing clean energy, investing in a strong economy, maintaining public infrastructure and Open Space, as well as promoting local food and public arts, Suzanne Jones has the experience of representing a myriad of committees and boards. She is currently involved with the Colorado Municipal League Policy Committee, the Dairy Center for the Arts, Council’s Legislative Committee, and several others. To learn more about Suzanne Jones, her community involvement, and her campaign, go to her website.


PrintAaron Brockett wants a more inclusive community, one that is affordable for families of all incomes to live in Boulder. He also promotes alternative transportation and wants to maximize renewable energy. He supports vibrant business and startups. He also wants to strengthen the artistic and cultural aspects of Boulder. Appointed to the Planning Board in 2011, he has advocated better pedestrian and bicycle connections and simplified, improved building designs. To read more about Aaron Brockett’s experience and stance on our local issues, visit his website here.



In addition to our endorsement of these candidates, we stand by the Chamber of Commerce in opposition of ballot measures 300 and 301. We agree that the future of Boulder should be undivided and more inclusive. In his BizWest article, John Tayer says that these measures “will wreak chaos on our community and must be stopped.” His article can be found here.

As hard to believe as it is, there are a few people running that do not support sensible cannabis regulation. This makes the five council seats up for election vital to the health and future of the industry in Boulder. Know who you are voting for. Vote for all five seats. The future of the cannabis industry in Boulder depends on your participation! Register to vote here.

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