Nikka-T Cannabis Industry Pioneer Pops Up at The Farm

where to buy essential extracts thca High Cannabinoid Solventless ConcentrateMarijuana legalization activist, cannabis industry pioneer, and hash entrepreneur, known colloquially as Nikka T (@nikka_t), will be appearing live at The Farm in Boulder, on August 25, 2017, from noon to 3pm. 

Representing his award-winning Essential Extracts brand (EE), Nikka T will personally launch his latest collaborations with The Farm, which have produced some of the world’s finest, cleanest, solvent-less cannabis concentrates to date. These include EE’s newest product—High Cannabinoid Solventless extract (HCS)—a solvent-less answer to competitors’ high-thc hydrocarbon extracts, which use chemicals such as butane and propane in their extraction methods.

What is High Cannabinoid Solventless THCa Concentrate?

HCS uses mechanical separation to create a product that tests up to 99% in THCa. One hundred percent solvent-less, HCS provides an amazingly potent, clean and clear cannabis experience. This is a must-have for all concentrate connoisseurs.

The Pop-Up event will unveil some of The Farm’s newest craft cannabis concentrates, primarily in the form of solventless bubble hash and rosin. In addition, HCS concentrate will be featured and available on a very, very special limited release.

Be on the lookout for craft cannabis strains, like:

  •  Wild Blue Yonder—a creative offspring of the euphoric Alpha Blue sativa and energetic Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9—lovingly crafted for Yonder Mountain String Band by The Farm Genetics™;
  • the ever-powerful, indica-dominant hybrid, Gorilla Glue;
  • and the Grow-Off award-winning hybrid, Race Fuel OG, to name a few.


The Farm & Essential Extracts Sale

Friday, August 25th, 2017

The Farm will be offering big discounts on all things EE. Come grab some solvent-less craft cannabis bubble hash, rosin and brand new HCS, while supplies last!

  • Bundle #1  |  $65  |  an $89 value  |  Save $24
    • One gram of Farm-sourced Essential Extracts Solventless HASH (25m and 120m ONLY)
    • One eighth of Farm Genetics flower (any tier)
    • One Essential Extract 10 mg Single-Serving Rosin Capsule


  • Bundle #2  |  $100  |  a $155 value  |  Save $55
    • Two grams of Essential Extracts Solventless HASH
    • One 10-pack of Essential Extracts Sativa/Indica capsules
    • One Essential Extracts dab mat
    • One Essential Extracts t-shirt


  • SAVE 30% OFF ALL:
    • Essential Extracts Fresh Frozen Full Melt Rosin
    • Dab rigs and accessories
    • Farm-branded merchandise
    • Pendants and jewelry


  • SAVE 20% off all Farm Genetics flower, when you buy any Essential Extracts solventless product


  • SAVE 20% off Essential Extracts edibles, including:
    • Single serving 10 mg Indica/Sativa capsules
    • (10) 100mg Indica/Sativa capsules
    • (10) 85mg CBD capsules


About Essential Extracts

Originally from The Bay Area of California, Essential Extracts now processes some of the finest water extraction there is in Denver, CO. In 2010 the company began consulting and processing the strongest and cleanest solvent-less concentrates around.

The talented team at Essential Extracts has mastered the solventless extraction method from Nikka T. Being a leader in the cannabis industry as a consultant and processor, solventless product from Essential Extracts is always done with the highest grade extraction services.

Without using butane, CO2 or ethanol, Essential Extracts uses a solventless extraction method to create solventless wax, solventless oil, solventless hash, solventless shatter, pressed hash and granular hash. Shop for Essential Extracts at The Farm and see why their solventless concentrates have won over 10 cannabis cup awards.

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