Hold Your Udders…

Green Dot Extracts are at The Farm!

Green Dot Extracts

People are flocking in the masses when they hear we carry Green Dot products.

Wait! It gets better.

The two sap products we carry are made out of The Farm’s fine Craft Cannabis!

Anybody that knows anything about dab culture in Colorado holds an affection and respect for Green Dot’s high standards and quality products.

This means you get the benefits of Green Dot Extracts and The Farm’s award-winning Craft Cannabis, all in one!

Haven’t tried them yet? Better get them before we sell through this batch.

Order Green Dot Extracts online here and pick it up at The Farm in Boulder to save time.

What is Available?

Blue Bell – Sap – A blend of The Farm’s…Green Dot Products

Dairy Queen, DJ Short Flo, Flo White, Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Afghan Buddha Cookies – Sap – A blend of The Farm’s…

Afghani, Buddha’s Sister, Girl Scout Cookies

Sweet Mercy, When Will it be On the Shelf?

Green Dot’s hash sap made out of The Farm’s cannabis, new blends Blue Bell and Afghan Buddha Cookies, have been on our shelves since Wednesday, June 8th. We know you are as excited as we are. See you soon!




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