Visit The Farm for Our Independence Day Sale – July 1st – 4th

FARM_4TH_JULY_FREEDOM_FLIGHT_2016_socialThe Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner! The Farm is excited to celebrate our nation’s independence with some offers screaming so loud, you’ll think it’s the bottle rockets, the dragon tears, the attitude adjusters, or the black cats going off! Come hang with us and observe the holiday. Exercise your civil liberties. Stop by The Farm to catch our amazing sale!

3-Gram Freedom Flight

FARM_4TH_JULY_shirt_2016_social (1)Folks are salivating when they find out we’re offering a 3-gram taster flight, in the spirit of red, white, and blue, for only $30, to help you celebrate your civil liberties!

Red: Durban Berry Strain | White: Whiteout Strain | Blue: Blue Dream Strain

Other Exciting Offers…

  • Buy a Freedom Flight, get our limited edition Independence Day tie-dye t-shirt for just $20!
  • Buy a Freedom Flight, get $20 OFF any flower vaporizer in the store!





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