Legend of 420 Cannabis Culture

April 20th is what most of us know to be the weed smoking holiday. But you may find yourself asking, how did it all begin? The origin of this “holiday” goes back to 1971 in San Rafael, California where a group of friends decided they needed a code word for their (at the time) taboo activities. They coined the term “420” which not only denoted the act of smoking California’s finest, but also the time and the pre-determined location in a discreet fashion. They then took it upon themselves to go by the name, The Waldos.

The term “420” then circulated to the next level as it appeared at Grateful Dead shows on flyers and was received with open arms as many grew fond of the secretive terminology. Since then the term has grown to become a staple of the cannabis culture worldwide and April 20th is now celebrated as the annual Cannabis holiday.

Regardless of how it all began, April 20th has been forever etched as a day of celebration, so we will do just that! This year at The Farm, we’ve planned a few special things to ring in the holiday.  Because 420 falls on a Monday, we’ll kick off the celebration at The Farm (2801 Iris Ave.) on Friday (4/17), Saturday (4/18) & Sunday (4/19) with the following:

Rolling Greens food truck will be parked out front on Friday afternoon from 3-6pm. They are a Boulder- based mobile food truck specializing in organic & local sophisticated street food from around the world.

Verde food truck will be joining us on Saturday afternoon from 12:30-4:30 pm. Verde is a taco truck that specializes in Sonoran Mexican cuisine. They have a great selection of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more. We are also in the works of creating a custom 4/20 food item just for this event!

In case you didn’t get your taco fix just yet, Sanchos taco cart will be stationed out front on Sunday afternoon from 12-3pm.

We will also be hosting artist, Josh Audiss , who will be live painting a commissioned piece for The Farm. He will be painting both Friday and Saturday from 9-5pm, so be sure to stop by and see him in action. To learn more about him and his work you can also view his Instagram.

To top it all off, we are extremely excited to be bringing out Conscious Alliance to host a food drive at the store. Conscious Alliance is a Boulder founded, national non-profit organization that has provided over 1.9 million meals across the United States. They operate through grassroots food drives at concerts and music festivals (and now The Farm!) to help raise awareness of extreme poverty. The donations that they collect benefit local food pantries nationwide and economically isolated Native American reservations.

Please help us make this food drive a success! If you bring 20 items of canned food or a monetary donation of $25, you will receive a custom made 4/20 Farm poster. There will only be a limited amount of posters available so get one while you can. There may even be a sneak preview of this artwork sometime within the next week.

You can also expect some great specials being offered at The Farm for the weekend, including pre-made gift bags and new Farm branded apparel. We want to make sure you have everything necessary for an optimal 4/20 experience. Make sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for current news & specials happening at the store. You can also find a list of our strains and daily menu at thefarmco.com. 

From everyone here at The Farm Co, we look forward to seeing you soon! Make sure to have fun, but more importantly, Consume Responsibly!

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