What is Live Flower Distillate? Cannabis Oil Terpene Infusion Breakthrough!

What is Live Flower Distillate? | Terpene-Infused Cannabis Oil

What is Live Flower Distillate?

The wholesome nature of the cannabis plant has acted as a check-and-balance against changing consumer desires for pure convenience. As many flower smokers will tell you, concentrates may provide a strong THC head-buzz, but often lack the ‘complete’ feeling derived from slow-cured cannabis.

There is something missing from a dab or vape cartridge—they don’t quite satiate the soul like the full cannabis flower.

Many developments have been made in recent years to bridge this gap between sensual enjoyment and hectic lifestyles, such as live resin. However, none of these products have matched the breadth of the sensimilla experience, while also being a discreet and portable delivery method… until now.

Introducing Live Flower Vape Cartridges by AiroPro!

Combining the full flower feeling with the convenience of vaping, AiroPro is the ultimate medium between smoking flower and vaping distillate oil!

Live Flower Distillate is made by extracting the terpenes from fresh flower and reintroducing them to the full-spectrum cannabis oil distilled from the very same flower. This marijuana-infused product was designed to provide a vaping experience with the full entourage effect one would find when smoking flower.

The Entourage Effect | Missing that Full Flower Feeling from Your Vape?

What is Live Flower | New Cannabis Distillate Cartridges Boulder, COThe complex synergistic compounds, which developed naturally over millions of years in the cannabis plant, have shown to have a profound effect on the human psyche–especially when taken in a full-spectrum format. Taken individually, these constituents rarely have equivalent benefits to whole-plant-based products.

Few connoisseurs would argue that dronabinol–the synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol, the key psychoactive ingredient in marijuana–is subjectively as relieving or beneficial, when compared to consuming the whole cannabis flower. Dronabinol does not include the more than 110 isomers found in cannabis.

This phenomenon is known as The Entourage Effect. The additional elements contained in the plant, such as terpenes, sugars, enzymes, and flavonoids tend to round out and enhance the experience. They may even provide additional benefits, such as improving absorption rate in the body or minimizing negative side effects such as anxiety.

A familiar example of the entourage effect for many cannabis consumers would be the normally “heady” feeling of a strong sativa versus an indica-dominant strain’s typical body-high attributes. Accordingly, AiroPro has launched their ingenious new line of live flower distillate vape cartridges in three varieties to suit the needs and demands of every type of marijuana lifestyle.

Currently Available in Three Varieties
  • Sativa – Chemmy Jones
  • Hybrid – Citrus Berry
  • Indica – OG #1


Please note:

  • The strain selections for Live Flower distillate vape cartridges will rotate over time.
  • These Live Flower cannabis products are currently only being offered at a select number of dispensaries in Colorado (20 stores only, at the time of this post).
Order AiroPro Live Flower Cartridges through our Online Express Shop and step-up to the next level of vaping.

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Entourage Effect Full Spectrum Terpenes Vape Cannabis Oil

Don’t compromise between the full flavor of fresh-cut marijuana plants and the discreet convenience of AiroPro Vape Cartridges.

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