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Get ‘Live’ For Just 25!

Expectations have changed in the cannabis industry. Just a few short years ago, “wax” was all the rage. Following that, “shatter” was the next big deal. Today, knowledgeable cannabis consumers demand live resin, a high-terpene content, cold-extracted concentrate known for capturing the complex flavor of a freshly-trimmed marijuana plant. Unfortunately, they often find their desire dampened by high prices.

The Farm intends to shatter this paradigm with our new Concentrate of the Week Live Resin special. Every Thursday, our shop will feature a new variety of live resin for only $25 per gram* for the entire week! Exquisite, terpene-rich live resin at an accessible price!

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The Live Resin Difference:
A Step Above Wax & Shatter

Live Resin Concentrate Supply Company Close up photoRarely do customers have an authentic chance to appreciate the aromatic bouquet of a freshly-cut cannabis plant. Time, temperature, air, and light cause a process known as oxidation to happen to the plant, breaking down various terpenes in the process. Other cannabis extraction processes are done at sufficiently high temperatures that further break down these terpenes.

Live resin’s cold extraction method, in which freshly-cut plants are “flash frozen” and kept at sub-critical freezing temperatures throughout the process, ensures the majority of these lively terpenes remain intact in the final product. Thus, the final live resin products often contain substantially more flavor, aroma, and personality than alternative extraction methods. In addition, terpenes may have psychoactive effects which interact with cannabinoids like THC and CBD to enhance your consumption experience. Due to these distinct, attractive qualities (and time-consuming extraction process) live resin has sold for a premium above other concentrates in the past.

Similar to a high-quality tea terroir, which may be described as having “cha qi” or ‘tea energy’ by tea enthusiasts, live resin cleanly distills the essence and life force of a living, growing cannabis plant.

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A new Live Resin Concentrate of the Week arrives every Thursday!
Only $25 per gram!*

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Get ‘Live’ For Just 25!

Juicy, Delicious Live Resin
Concentrate Supply Co. Live Resin | Our 1st Concentrate of the Week


*Limit 1 gram per guest, per visit. While supplies last. Cannot be stacked with any other offers or discounts, including the Concentrate Flight discount. For more details, ask your budtender. For adults +21 only. Please consume responsibly. Other restrictions may apply.

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