photo-16-980x657Article by Adria Such & Nick Bollard – September 16, 2014

Marijuana edibles offer an alternative consumption method to traditionally smoking the flower. People commonly call them “edibles” and use them for various reasons.

Some people eat them to aid in sleep, others for pain relief or a specific health condition. While many others eat them to simply enjoy the recreational benefits of cannabis without smoking.

Edibles come in several forms—tinctures, cooking oils, pre-made desserts, drinks, snack foods, and candies. Edibles are a concentrated form of cannabis that once metabolized in the body, can affect it for much longer than smoking or vaporizing. So, it is important to use them responsibly.

The following insights are meant to educate users and potential users of marijuana edibles.

1. Plan Accordingly

Before consuming edibles, it is wise to plan ahead to be sure obligations and priorities are not overlooked or forgotten. It would be awful to leave your grandmother waiting for you to take her to water aerobics because you indulged in a magic cookie.

In general, edibles are more appropriate in the evening or nighttime versus the day because of their potency; however, if used during the day, be sure to plan any major activities before consumption. After an edible is metabolized, there is no way of reversing the effects, so be prepared and understand that you will be affected for several hours.

Do not visit your in-laws under the influence of marijuana edibles. Also, it isn’t the best idea to attend a work function in the throes of an edibles high. Do not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery while under the influence of cannabis. If you are going out, schedule a trusted designated driver or find a taxi or car service.

2. Choose Light and Fun Activities

Yoga, meditation, creative and outdoors activities are wonderful paired with small (5-10 mg) to moderate (15-25mg) dosages. Higher doses (30-50 mg) should be used, in most cases, for managing pain. You could also host a movie marathon and wear your pajamas all day.

When used responsibly, edibles are beneficial, safe, and enjoyable and vary from person to person, just like coffee and wine. Drink plenty of water and, if you are using edibles socially and need to take a few minutes for yourself, a little time in a restroom or walking helps a lot.

3. Choose the Right Effect for You

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid—Oh my! It’s true that you can chose the effect you will get from edibles and it is important to know this to have the kind of experience you desire. Ask bud tenders about the effect you want and they will surely offer a variety of treats and goodies.

Depending on the time of day you plan to consume or the symptoms you wish to target, you may only want part of a brownie. Indicas are primarily for nighttime use, whereas sativas are typically used during the day. Hybrid strains are usually indica- or sativa dominant.

4. Start Slowly and be Patient

Whether it is your first time using edibles or your hundredth, it is important to consume them cautiously. All brands and extraction methods differ and this variation in products affects the body. Be aware of the product and dose you are consuming.

Always start with a small dose. Our best advice is to start with 5 mg and wait two hours. Because edibles metabolize through the digestive tract, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to take effect. If the desired effect is present, do not eat any more. If you want a stronger effect, eat another 5 mg. Increase the dose according to the needs of your body and experience, but know that an initial dose over 10 mg is not recommended.

Be patient! The digestion of any food product takes a while. The most common mistake happens when a beginner thinks they can finish the entire granola bar because they didn’t feel anything after two bites and a twenty-minute wait. Three hours later, their face is painted and they’re asleep in some rose bush.

Take it easy. The best way to experience edibles for the first time is in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Sometimes edibles recipes are exceptionally tasty and delicious. Controlling one’s dose may become difficult with products like brownies, cupcakes, sugary drinks, etc. Self-control is a must.

5. Have fun and LAUGH!

You will probably get the giggles. Enjoy your experience! Being around friends, family, and environments that make you happy are the best way to appreciate marijuana edibles. Set yourself up for laughter. Blow bubbles. Put on temporary tattoos. Watch cartoons. Wear silly pants. Relax.

When used carefully and in a safe environment, edibles are great! Follow the steps above and consume responsibly.

If you are in the Boulder area, be sure to stop by The Farm. Friendly, professional bud tenders will help you make the perfect selection for an awesome edibles experience.

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