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We climb mountains.
We work overtime.
We are parents and business owners.
The world is being shaped by our actions.
Our potential is boundless.
Our horizons are undefined.
We intend to shed the antiquated notion that we are limited by an herb…

The Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle |
The Summit of Marijuana Fitness

Cannabis lifestyles are rapidly transforming in Colorado as our melting pot of a state attracts increasingly diverse and innovative minds. What once was a stereotyped paradigm of the “couch-potato stoner” is now a transitioning idea—marijuana and its constituents can be effective medicines, experiential tools, and even performance enhancers.

This herb, previously reserved for hidden and private circles, is penetrating the habits of community leaders, successful athletes, and transcendent thinkers. Marijuana fitness, a previously contradictory notion, is becoming an essential component of Colorado culture.

Join The Farm in our quest to celebrate the individuals pushing our movement forward. The women and men, below, let the world know, on a daily basis that we refuse to let past perceptions dictate the future positive changes we wish to create in the world. Read ahead to hear motivational testimonies from our featured achievers, athletes, professionals, artists, and lifestyle enthusiasts.


Nicholas Allmond | One Tough Mudder

"<yoastmarkNicholas Allmond, our resident Tough Mudder specialist, hardcore ultra-marathon runner, and previous What’s Your Craft featured-star, is no stranger to grit and determination. The 5-year World’s Toughest Mudder veteran has integrated pushing his limits into the fabric of his very being. Oftentimes he’s battled harsh elements and run through nighttime terrain to finish in the top of his field in various races. Allmond has participated in grueling challenges across the country, even running against Farm-sponsored athlete Avery Collins (@runninhigh) in the 68-mile 2017 Georgia Death Race.

When not transcending human potential in death races, Allmond spends much of his time rock climbing and hiking throughout the scenic back-routes of Colorado with his canine companion. He can regularly be seen hanging precariously from the side of a cliff, suspended by slack-line and ready to conquer another summit.

In addition to taming the wild with his athletic endeavors, Allmond is a strong cannabis advocate. He believes this plant has much potential in the way of treating ailments or aiding physical fitness goals.

“Long before I joined the Tough Mudder competitions, I used cannabis. Now I use cannabis as a training aid and I am proud of it. Cannabis does NOT make you a lazy stoner.”

“I’m a proud…marijuana enthusiast. For over 8 years I grew cannabis in Michigan as a legal caregiver. I was legally allowed to grow up to 72 plants and I took advantage of it! Cannabis has been a huge part of my life as well as my athletics. Most people don’t realize how medicinal marijuana really is. The relief I get as athlete from inflammation alone is worth a few hits. On top of this there are several (other useful) products like CBD and the balms. More than any other product, these gifts from mother nature offer the best relief. My standard routine after a long training run, workout, or race is: cannabalm to the aching muscles, (consuming a flower joint),  and a heaping of plant-based food to help recovery. Nothing soothes the muscles like a joint drizzled in oil. However, balms, edibles, and (bulk) flower don’t follow far behind. Join The Farm and I. Break the stigma! We aren’t lazy potheads. We are the future and the world is ours to embrace!”
~Nicholas Allmond, One Tough Mudder and Cannabis Ultra-Athlete

The former Michigan-resident used to compliantly grow for medical dispensaries. He has been a longtime believer in the possible physical, mental, and lifestyle benefits associated with responsible cannabis use.

Stay updated on all of Nicholas’ adventures and ultra-races by following his Instagram @valley_2_peak.


Kimberly Nanney |
Holistic Living & CBD Healing

Marijuana Fitness | Marijuana and HorsesKimberly Nanney’s story is one of discovering truth and opening one’s mind to alternative possibilities. Once strongly against cannabis-use, Nanney now spends her days as Director of Marketing for a marijuana concentrate wholesale company. She eased into the mental breakthrough by first working as a holistic health coach and educator. By using natural herbs and foods as a primary wellness measure, combined with promoting exercise for her clients, Nanney realized there might be more to optimal healthcare than mere annual check-ups and prescription medications.

During her free time, she enjoys several physical activities, including hot yoga, weight-lifting, martial arts, hiking, and horse-back riding. She also enjoys laughing with her man and attending personal development seminars.

“A year ago, I was actually strongly against using cannabis at all. I was living in a spiritual community in the heart of conservative Texas. I moved to Colorado in September, in between job interviews. My guy, Jordan, uses cannabis instead of opiates. He broke his neck snowboarding, and without cannabis would be in terrible pain every day. To see him happy, laughing, and throwing me a football in the yard made me see cannabis as a solid alternative.

Since then, I’ve been super grateful to use cannabis after heavy lifting to help with inflammation. I love using cannabis to enhance my creativity in the morning and to help me sleep sometimes which has always been an issue. It’s truly amazing to see this versatile herb make a difference in so many people’s lives. Many diseases are linked to chronic stress. High CBD strains like Pure Love are amazing at helping me unwind and de-stress from the day.”

~Kimberly Nanney

Nanney considers it a “blessing to share more about this incredible herb.” She is likely to continue using and promoting it as an experiential enhancer and lifestyle supplement for years to come.


Bradley Schools |
The Rocky Mountain Hobbit

Rounding out our feature would be our resident hobbit and exploration extraordinaire, Bradley Schools. In many ways a modern day Renaissance man, Schools is equally at home in the wilderness perfecting his photography and backwoods navigation skills as he is at home pondering a classic novel and a pipe full of The Farm Genetics™ flower. Stubborn in his habits at times, he manages to create impressive culinary works whether at home or abroad enduring the elements.

Known for his tranquility and witty sense of humor, Schools is often seen in the center of a large group cracking jokes or laughing. His other hobbies include skiing, back country camping, winter camping, traveling around the world, and climbing to the tops of mountains.

“Cannabis has been a motivator, an energy supplier, and a re-charger (for me). Whether I am hiking the local trails around Boulder or conquering summits deeper in the Rocky Mountains, having The Farm products with me and ready for recovery has kept me going strong and healthy. It also provides a nice vacation from everyday life and creates an environment of appreciation across all parts of life…from food, to friends, and everything in between.”

~Bradley Schools, The Rocky Mountain Hobbit

Schools currently works as a Cannabis Service Representative, pushing the cannabis movement forward and helping to normalize the marijuana paradigm. This outdoor advocate truly has an unmatched enthusiasm for discovering remote and out-of-the-way places. Meanwhile, his passion for living life on the edge serves as a benchmark many of us can strive to aim toward. The last true hobbit in Colorado hasn’t totally escaped into the wilderness…yet.

Stay updated on all of Bradley’s excursions and hobbit-happenings by following his Instagram @RockyMountainHobbit.


What’s Your Craft? |
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Become a local sensation and be included in our next feature. Chosen entrants may be posted throughout our website and social media channels to assist in changing the “stoner stereotype” and promote the active, creative cannabis lifestyle.

Send us pictures of you working, playing, creating a masterpiece, or performing your craft. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, cooking a gourmet meal, smoking a barbecue pig, making an ice sculpture, coding the next big app in tech, recovering from a health condition, or shredding the Rocky Mountains, we want to know…WHAT’S YOUR CRAFT?

Be Featured in our Next Blog Post | What’s Your Craft?

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