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By Adria Such ~ December 31, 2015 

Consuming cannabis and maintaining good health

Two important aspects in the lives of many Colorado inhabitants. Are these two different sets of people or do these groups overlap? Traditionally, we don’t think of these two groups of people as being one and the same, and it certainly isn’t always this way. But if you pay attention to the social scene in Colorado, you’ll see cannabis use and healthy activities go hand in hand.

Furthermore, in the states where cannabis is legal, marijuana health products are used to aid in the treatment of the following health issues: epilepsy, glaucoma, cancer, depression, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, migraines, and much more. Yet, among the most valuable benefits of cannabis is its ability to improve our overall attitude and enhance our experiences, both mentally as well as physically.

So, why not incorporate it into our daily health regimes? The rugged Colorado landscape appeals to yogis, cyclists, hikers, and climbers; and if you are one or know any of these health enthusiasts, you’re probably aware that many of them also consume cannabis. It may not seem intuitive that cannabis and activities complement each other, given the popular stereotypes of marijuana users, but the truth is that by incorporating marijuana into your active lifestyle, you create a harmonious balance of mind and body.

We’re all aware of the negative stoner stereotypes in popular culture but it should be known that they were propaganda created to instill fear during the early years of cannabis prohibition. It’s time that we shift away from these stereotypes and start to embrace the active and healthy cannabis consumer. However, before we look at some of the benefits of incorporating marijuana into your healthy and active lifestyle, we should acknowledge that your individual physiology plays a significant role in the way that cannabis affects you. The environment, your mindset, diet, the type of strain and method of consumption as well as the amount consumed—these are all major factors in the overall experience.

Cannabis enhances emotional states

Many people find that cannabis lifts their spirits and heightens their overall mood. Various studies have linked THC to play an important role in how we process negative emotions. In a controlled experiment, researchers gave half of the participants THC and the other half a placebo. The participants were then shown a series of images displaying both “fearful” and “happy” The results of this study showed that those given THC shifted away from negative perceptions of these expressions and moved toward a positive emotional response.

Recommended Farm strains: Alpha Blue, Durban Berry, Blue Sky

Marijuana keeps your metabolism up

There was a study published by the American Journal of Medicine which analyzed data from a sample size of over 4600 people. Half of the participants had tried cannabis before the study and the other half had not. The study found that there was a connection between the presence of cannabinoids and metabolism. The study found that people who used cannabis have lower obesity rates and a healthier response to sugars.

Recommended Farm strains: DOOX, Madcow, Whiteout

Cannabis helps manage stress

When used properly and in small doses, marijuana can be an excellent tool for stress management. Although some people tend to get anxiety while consuming cannabis, many people use it as a way of controlling stress and relaxing at the end of their day. For those people that feel anxious while under the influence of marijuana, you should try strains that have lower THC percentages and higher CBD percentages. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid; however, too much THC makes some people feel uncomfortable.

Recommended Farm strains: Hells Berry, Pokie, Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Marijuana provides pain relief & sleep aid

Getting quality rest is an extremely important factor in leading a healthy life. There are marijuana strains that will positively impact the way you sleep. One cannabinoid, CBN (Cannabinol), eases insomnia and will help you achieve a deep, restful slumber. Cannabis is also known to relieve pain and nausea which, in turn, will help you rest as well.

Recommended Farm strains: Gumbi, Farmers Kush, Purple Cow

Cannabis induces creativity and meditative states

Cannabis has positive mental effects, particularly in regards to creativity. Studies conducted on this matter found that marijuana use helps form “radically new ideas” and increases “verbal fluency”. This is a result of dopamine released in the brain, which leads to relaxation, the lessening of inhibitions, and often allows you to perceive things new and differently. Some strains induce deep introspective thoughts, which is the basis of meditation. Perhaps this is why there has been an increase of “Ganja Yoga” classes in Colorado.

Recommended Farm strains: Alpha Cow, Alpha Express, Sunset Haze 

Final Thoughts

It is important to know what your body needs in terms of sleep, exercise, and diet and how it reacts to various cannabis strains. To start, try our recommended strains before or after doing mild activities. See if our strain suggestions for creativity and meditative states take you to a heightened mental status or if our recommendations for pain relief and sleep aid work for you and your body. Discover what works best for you; rather than merely altering your mood, you can enhance it!




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