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The Farm grows over 100 strains of the best marijuana in Colorado and offers an extensive dispensary menu on any given day. While all cannabis is categorized as sativa, indica or hybrid, due to genetic variations, each category carries with it a wide range of effects. Often, it’s hard to describe the myriad of effects produced by so many different types of marijuana.

Marijuana strain names vary just as much as the different types of marijuana, but sometimes they hold nuggets of information that we use to determine the effects one can expect from certain strains.

It should be known that the legal status of cannabis has hindered funding for research of the genetic makeup of these strains; therefore, tying lineage to effects is currently based on lore more than science. (Read our latest blog article, “Science and Cannabis – Finally Together,” for an update on this topic.)

While a lot of strains are named for their taste or aroma, some of them are named for their effect. New strains are often named after their parents, making it easier to predict their effects. There are many strains of cannabis out there, maybe too many to list. Here, we’ll focus on some of the more popular marijuana strains and their meanings.

Popular Marijuana Strains


We derive this term from a couple of places. Most people are going to associate this term with “Original Gangster” due to the rap and hip-hop scene in the early 90’s; however, it hails from the abbreviated “Ocean Grown” out of California. OG refers to a high THC indica (or indica-dominant hybrid) strain with sativa-like cerebral stimulation. The Louis XIII OG or West OG strains, available at the Farm, are gorgeous examples of traditional OG strains.


A Kush is a full expression of an indica strain. This strain is known for its relaxation, euphoria, pain relief and sleep aid qualities. The name is derived from another strain available here at The Farm, Hindu Kush. Usually testing in the mid-teens for THC percentage, these strains have enough stimulation to make you smile as you drift off to sleep.


This is usually an indicator for a high THC sativa strain. They reach glorious THC percentages—like the recent 26% THC Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9—and are extremely stimulating to the senses. However, Hazes that test around 20% for THC are perfect for a clear-headed, energetic and creative experience. Moonshine Haze and Tangerine Haze are both great representations of the effects we can expect out of this name.


Believe it or not, we get these strains from the same cross as an OG, but with the opposite parent dominating the strain. This term indicates a high THC sativa (or sativa-dominant) form of cannabis. Recognizable by a pungent smell and bright-green flowers, these strains are incredibly cerebral and are most associated with giggly effects. Alpha Blue, The Farm’s signature strain, has Diesel genetics and represents this description beautifully.

Using this basic information, we associate strain and parent names with effects. The indica- or sativa-dominance shows which parent’s effects are most represented within the strain. However, there are some strains without parental lineage and it would be wise to explore some of them and their effects.

Landrace Strains

Landrace strains (pronounced “land-race”) are those that grow naturally all over the Earth, in a variety of climates. Given the different biomes, all of these strains have adapted in their own way and have remained in nature for thousands of years. These strains are actually the parents to all the strains available on the planet now; Landrace strains are aptly named for the regions to which they are indigenous.

Indica Strains

The previously discussed Hindu Kush is one of our Landrace indica strains; it’s named after the 500-mile mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan where this strain naturally grows.

Another indica strain that grew up close by, in the Afghan Mountain Range, is aptly named the Afghani Strain. This plant has similar qualities as the Hindu Kush in effect, but is different in terms of appearance, taste, and aroma. Typically, Afghani is more of a sleep inducer and less euphoric. While they’re both earthy, the Afghani tends to be more peppery, while the Hindu is a bit sweeter and perhaps a bit smoother

These are just two of the dominant Landrace indica strains; now let’s focus our attention on the sativa strains.

Sativa Strains

When it comes to Landrace Sativa strains, it doesn’t get any mellower than Lamb’s Breath. Lamb’s Breath is a strain indigenous to Jamaica and folklore connects this strain to the late Bob Marley. Whether or not that is true, there is no finer sativa for a creative, energetic, positive, and some say “enlightening” experience.

Durban Poison is a strain known around the world, not only by its effects, but also by its distinctive and strong menthol aroma and flavor. Named after the largest city in South Africa, this strain is a full expression of a sativa and it is not for beginners. She will lift you up fast, slap you around, and then let you go. It’s a soaring head effect with a big crash at the end…a roller coaster effect, straight up and straight back down. While some people enjoy that, a lot of us prefer mellower, steady effects. This Landrace, while quite different from Lamb’s Breath, is another great representation of what a sativa has to offer.

The variations in the Landrace strains alone are enough to take up pages of text, but we’ve addressed the ones you’re most likely to encounter as parent strains or on their own.

Now it’s time for your own research! Don’t take our word for it, get out there and experiment with the different strains and see how they affect you. While most effects associated with consuming cannabis are typical, everyone is different and each experience subjective. Your body may respond in fun and exciting ways to different kinds of cannabis, which is a good reason to discover the strains that give you the feelings you desire.

The Farm’s expert bud-tenders can answer any questions you might have about a strain and give you an explanation of its specific effects. From pain-relief to euphoria, energy to relaxation, we can make your head right with just a little bit of information.

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