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What’s Your Craft? | The Farm Marijuana Study Questionnaire

How Does Cannabis Fit Into Your Life?

Consuming cannabis has a way of expanding one’s awareness, creating new passageways to new ways of thinking and looking at the world around us. It allows us to slow down and paint our busy world in new colors, enabling us to appreciate small details and perceive our otherwise routine life anew.

Contrary to the popular misconception that cannabis is for “stoners” who don’t accomplish much in life, cannabis has long been an ally of athletes, creatives, entrepreneurs and people of practically every walk of life. Just seeing the diversity of top-notch professionals now working within our company and in the cannabis industry, there is much more to the way of life of a cannabis user.

Tell Us What You Do!

Let us know about your positive experiences with cannabis! How has it helped you expand your mind? When do you consume it? How? Answer the questions in our quick marijuana study below, for a chance to have your story shared on The Farm’s social media pages.

#whatsyourcraft | the farm marijuana study

About every other week, The Farm will select one of the most inspiring stories submitted and feature that person on our social media channels and website with a feature web banner!

Send us a few pictures of you at work, at play, or whatever describes your craft. Whether you’re out there climbing a mountain, cooking or barbecuing, doing art, creating the next big thing in tech, or battling/recovering from a health condition or a hard physical activity, we want to know.

Marijuana Study: Avery Collins ultra-marathoner smiling  Marijuana Study: Yonder Mountain String Band  Marijuana Study: Chef Daniel Asher River Woods

What's Your Craft? | Questionnaire

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