New Health Movement for Productivity | Microdosing Marijuana

Microdosing Marijuana is Medicating Mindfully 

Microdosing is the new health and wellness movement among active marijuana users. By ingesting smaller quantities, users are able to realize the full array of benefits and pain relief, without an overwhelming psychoactive effect compromising productivity. The goal of microdosing is to experience the well-being of cannabis use, while maintaining one’s normal mind-state during everyday interactions.

It should be noted that while cannabis research is in its infancy, current social trends and initial consensus is revealing that microdosing marijuana may result in the many of the same benefits as heavier use, without any negative physical or social side effects. Interestingly, taking below-psychoactive dosages of cannabis is a trend within Silicon Valley social circles.

Microdosing Marijuana SUM Sublinguals RELIEF imageMicrodosing Marijuana SUM Sublingual tablets ENERGY

Consistent, Efficient & Fast-Acting Uptake with SUM Sublinguals

Enter SUM, Superior Uptake Microdose fast-acting sublingual tablets, to elevate the standard of consumption. While the specific amount of each cannabinoid is important, the method of consuming these cannabinoids is equally important. Sublinguals deliver their dosage into the bloodstream via osmosis under the tongue, where the dosage is more bioavailable.

Cannabinoids within traditional edibles may be destroyed or degraded by the harsh digestion process, where oftentimes only a fraction reach the bloodstream. Additionally, you may absorb different amounts of THC or CBD from a traditional edible depending upon your metabolism, food eaten recently, and even the time of day! With SUM’s superior uptake system, you can integrate relief and responsibility into a hectic or prolific lifestyle. Get a safe, precise dose, every time!

Microdosing Marijuana SUM Sublinguals CALM imageMicrodosing Marijuana SUM Sublinguals FOCUS image

Available in three CBD:THC ratios (600 mg of CBD per package!)
FOCUS 1:1 — 2.5mg CBD and 2.5 mg THC per dose
CALM 3:1 — 3.6mg CBD and 1.4mg THC per dose
RELIEF 30:1 — 15mg CBD and 0.5 mg THC per dose
And for the sativa lovers out there
ENERGY — zero CBD and 2.5 mg THC per dose

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