New Cross-Breed Cannabis Strain ‘Mystical Mule’ Marvels Boulder’s Connoisseurs

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Prepare for a Supernatural Ride

Reminiscent of days long-gone when wild growing cannabis plants covered the semi-arid grounds of Central Asia along the Silk Road, Mystical Mule, the new cross-breed strain by the masterminds at The Farm Genetics™ (TFG), intentionally emulates nature’s level of artisanship in hybridization.

It is descended from some of the strongest and most versatile phenotypes in our arsenal. Certainly, Mystical Mule is a champion of crossbreeds. The strain combines the best qualities of several fan-favorites, including Chemdog and Pre-’98 Bubba Kush. Its typically jovial and inspiring effects are sure to help you handle the peaks and valleys of life. Mule’s ginger-mango champagne flavor hearkens back to ancient Eastern, tropical trade-route spices, refreshing travelers on their long journeys.

The Peak of The Farm Genetics™

New Cannabis Strain Mystical Mule Marvels Boulder Cannabis ConnoisseursThe Farm Genetics™ team is becoming renowned throughout inner-circles of the craft cannabis world for employing a combination of both art and skill in their hybridization methods. TFG’s breeding experts synthesize terpene-profiles, psychoactive effects, and flavor/aroma qualities with a “numbers game” style of cross-breeding. They then choose only the strongest and most interesting resulting children-plants to produce The Farm Genetics™ signature strains.

This otherworldly cultivar engages the eye with electric auburn hairs, bursting from alabaster white and pistachio greens. It truly is the ‘golden child’ of its parent strains as an extensive hybrid of ’98 Moons (Pre-’98 Bubba Kush x Chemdog x Moonshine Haze) x (Green Crack x StarKiller). With a tropical aroma and flavor profile like passionfruit, combined with a spicy ginger-champagne effervescence, Mystical Mule has a lively and stimulating, nearly tactile, quality. Especially noteworthy, its ~26% THC potency will help you ascend to new heights. Meanwhile, its caryophyllene and myrcene terpene content may have anti-inflammatory, relaxant, and anti-anxiety effects.

Essentially, Mystical Mule resembles a phenomenal Frankenstein more than ‘mangy mutt.’ The Farm Genetics™ team employed careful calculation in its cultivation, transcending the standard into ‘mystical’ territory.

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Get Mystified with Mystical Mule

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We are exclusively-launching Mystical Mule on Thursday, Sept. 27th, 2018.

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    • $200 $170 per full oz.

Get Ready to Ascend the Latest Peak of The Farm Genetics™.

Mystical Mule Flower
Mystical Mule Flower Buds. Only by The Farm Genetics™.

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