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Original Glue | Live Plant

As we mentioned in our Gorilla Glue & GG Strains Settle Trademark Infringement article on adhesives company, Gorilla Glue, and the Nevada-based seed company, GG Strains, have settled their trademark dispute.

The settlement stipulates that GG Strains will have about one year to cease using all gorilla-based names and imagery.

New Gorilla Glue Strain Names

At The Farm, we have selected the new names that will replace our two popular strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and The Farm Genetics™’ Gorilla Gum. These will carry the parenthetical phrase “formerly known as” for the next year.

Original Glue (formerly Gorilla Glue)

This new name makes reference to the Original Gorilla Glue strain name. Thanks to our grower, Ryan Brauchler, for coming up with this great name! Gorilla Glue originally got its name due to the combination of its extremely high potency, along with the thick coat of trichomes that covered the buds, giving them a stickiness that combined to form a strong, indica-dominant strain (that also, we might add, leaves one “glued to the couch.”) This strain is the parent of a couple of The Farm Genetics strains, below.

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Mighty Glue (formerly Gorilla Gum)

Formerly released as Gorilla Gum, this an offshoot of Gorilla Glue crossed with Sour Bubble—a tasty and strong contender for Gorilla Glue #4 lovers. This new name aligns with its parental feeling of strength and stickiness and is destined to become a memorable strain name under The Farm Genetics™ family of strains.

Primal Lights

Among some of the upcoming craft cannabis strains from The Farm Genetics™ is this exciting craft cannabis strain, due to be released in 2018. A cross between Gorilla Glue and Northern Lights, this strain’s name was derived from the word “primate” (first-ranked mammals, in reference to the Gorilla part of the name), followed by its obvious second parent.

Be sure to share this information with any of your friends who might be big fans of the Gorilla Glue strain lineage. You may also want to visit our online marijuana shop to check out availability of Original Glue, Mighty Glue or Primal Lights.


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