First Batches of The Farm’s Finest Mother Plants Debut on Mother’s Day 2017

After years of research and development, Boulder’s award-winning adult use dispensary, The Farm, will be releasing some of its most innovative craft cannabis strains under a new label – The Farm Genetics. Developed to appeal to a variety of day-to-day activities, different lifestyles, and chosen from their finest mother plants, the first small batches of these beautiful craft cannabis varieties will be available on Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017.

The Farm Genetics logoBred in-house with a focus on the complete cannabis experience, The Farm’s genetic artisans have crafted exceptional strains that express the full genetic potential each plant offers. “Our breeding process is a twist of science and art, using cutting-edge research and techniques that draw from decades of experience from a diverse pool of professionals,” says Carter Casad, head of R&D at The Farm Genetics. “Artfully selected from our most outstanding mother plants, our newest flower line features unique cannabinoid ratios, desirable flavor and aroma profiles, and exotic, potent effects.”

New Marijuana Genetics to Fit Your Activity

Rise ‘n’ Shine offers a fantastic way to start the day. Instantly energizing, like a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, this strain may be perfect for taking the edge off, but still getting stuff done. Coupled with an amazing flavor of sweet and sour mango juice, this is their go-to daytime variety. The effects are felt but not overpowering and, like a passing cloud, slowly fade away.

Strawberry Blonde is a flavorful and uplifting sativa-dominant variety that’s great for brightening up a dull day. Potent and fast-acting, Strawberry Blonde tends to provide a boost to the spirits, and may be great for getting creative or having fun outdoors with friends. Incredibly pungent lemon and sour berry flavors pack a quick initial punch, which gives way to a light and lofty come down.

New Best Marijuana Strains Cannabis GeneticsGoat Head combines two of The Farm favorites—Golden Goat and Headband. This flavorful cannabis cocktail provides the fast-acting, euphoric effects inherited from Golden Goat, counterbalanced by Headband’s calming and relaxing qualities. A pleasantly pungent and aromatic smoke, Goat Head’s resulting uplift may be ideal for nights out, live music, and dancing.

In Gorilla Gum, The Farm genetic artisans have combined two strong parents—Gorilla Glue and Sour Bubble—to create a heavy and sedating nighttime strain. Gorilla Gum is perfect for movie night, vegging out on the couch, or an easy transition to sleep after an exhausting day.

Be one of the first to try out these exciting new strains from The Farm Genetics. These new, top-shelf marijuana genetics will be available at The Farm in Boulder, through an introductory sale of 20% off all quantities, while supplies last.

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