Craft Cannabis | Pairing Food with Chef Daniel’s Colorado Harvest Feast

Pairing Food with Cannabis is the Ultimate Combination

Over the River and Through the Woods to a Colorado Cannabis Food Pairing

Coloradans have a reputation for state pride. We prefer locally-sourced, artisan foods made with love and grown in our snowmelt-nourished soil. The taste of a Palisade peach is always a little sweeter to us than a Georgia peach. Pueblo green chiles suit the Colorado palate for “sloppers” better than Southwest Hatch chiles… And don’t even get started on craft cannabis and beer!

Leading this philosophy, local chefs like Chef Daniel Asher of Boulder’s River & Woods are raising the culinary standard. He combines modern tools with old world aesthetic and traditional food-growing methods. Chef Daniel and River & Woods both promise to offer a “menu that is sourced from the most honest and local ingredients available, and serve food that is at once wholly familiar and infused with innovation.”

To celebrate the changing season, The Farm Genetics™ joined forces with Chef Daniel, along with Lisa Siciliano of Dog Daze Photo, to present you with the ultimate locally-sourced, sustainably-produced “Colorado Harvest Feast” cannabis and food pairing.

Locally-Sourced “Colorado Harvest Feast” meets The Farm Genetics

“Community-sourced cuisine” from River  & Woods combined with expertly, yet responsibly-grown and bred cannabis strains from The Farm Genetics™ truly seemed to accentuate the high-points and flavors profiles of each other. Both companies are dedicated to reviving tradition, not re-writing it, while simultaneously innovating their craft to its utmost level. Whether it’s the “organic & locally-grown produce, ethically-raised meats & sustainably produced ingredients”, or the pesticide-free craft flower of The Farm that utilizes predatory insects instead of harsh chemicals, the philosophy of sensible, old-world methods is alive and well in Boulder.

Read below for our recommended pairings (and how you can begin pairing food with cannabis yourself):

Sugar Glazed Turkey with San Luis Valley mashed potatoes and roasted Berg Harvest big jim peppers

Chef Daniel Asher’s “Colorado Harvest Feast” paired with The Farm Genetics™ exclusive craft cannabis strains:

Pairing #1

Food: Roasted local chicken topped with Paonia cherry sauce. Side of Hazel Dell mushroom and White Mountain quinoa stuffing. 

Cannabis Strain: Mystical Mule | Sativa-Hybrid by The Farm Genetics™

Why: Mystical Mule’s exotic spiciness, featuring an effervescent ginger note, complements the Paonia cherry sauce and umami-flavors of the chicken, reminiscent of a spicier Monte Cristo sandwich. Mule’s light passion fruit notes add new life to the mushroom and quinoa stuffing. 

Pairing #2

Food: Sugar-glazed turkey with San Luis Valley mashed potatoes. Side of roasted Berg Harvest Big Jim peppers.

Cannabis Strain: Goat Head | Sativa-Hybrid by The Farm Genetics™

Why: Goat Head’s cool-citrus/lemongrass notes balance the hot pepper flavor, while it’s roasted spicy flavors accentuate the sugar-glaze heartiness of the turkey and potatoes. 

Pairing #3

Food: Quick-pickled Elephant Heart plums with Flemish Beauty pears and Colorado blackberries.

Cannabis Strain: Sour Berry Blue | Sativa-Hybrid by The Farm Genetics™

Why: Sour Berry Blue’s intense berry-juice flavor accentuates the fruitiness of the blackberries. Meanwhile, its smooth, easily malleable smoke pairs well with the light, dessert-like aspect of this pickled-plum dish. 

Pairing #4

Food: Maple-roasted organic garnet yams w/ edible purple flowers. Side of charred Hotchkiss peaches with Colorado wildflower honey.

Cannabis Strain: Rocky Mountain Blueberry | Indica-Hybrid by The Farm Genetics™

Why: Rocky Mountain Blueberry’s unmistakable blueberry aroma rounds out the sweet char of the Hotchkiss peaches. Meanwhile, the floral subtlety of the cannabis is further brought-out and enhanced by the edible flowers and wildflower honey. This pairing stacks sweetness on-top of sweetness. Both the yams and the Rocky Mountain blueberry have a quality similar to baked goods.  

Pairing #5

Food: Creamed organic kale with candy-striped beets

Cannabis Strain #1: Mountain Thunder | Sativa-Hybrid by The Farm Genetics™
Cannabis Strain #2: Mighty Glue | Indica-Hybrid by The Farm Genetics™

Why: The complexity of Chef Daniel’s kale and beet dish is matched by the mentholated petrichor and sweet, yet vegetal earthiness of Mountain Thunder. Both the dish and Mountain Thunder have a sugary chlorophyll quality to them. On the other hand, Mighty Glue’s sandalwood, cedar, and espresso notes blend with the bittersweet profile of the kale/beet combination to create an intriguing contradiction of flavors that amplify, rather than mute, the taste of the dish. 

Pairing Food with Cannabis Pro-Tips

Food pairing with cannabis may seem eclectic to some, but the same principals very much apply as they do in wine, tea, cheese, or beer pairings. The terpene profiles in different strains will either “complement or accentuate” different foods according to their flavor and aroma profiles. Other considerations might include the harshness or smoothness of the smoke, the dryness or moistness of the buds compared to the food, or even the aesthetic color profiles of the buds and food together.

Maple Roasted Organic Garnet Yams with flowers; creamed organic kale with candy striped beets

  • Accentuate a specific flavor, like citrus, by combining “Super Lemon Haze” with lemon-pepper chicken.
  • Complement contrasting flavors by pairing “Strawberry Blonde” with a slightly bitter, yet sweet dark chocolate bar.
  • Add visual appeal to a dish featuring candied beets or edible purple flowers with sticky purple buds such as “Alpha Express” on the side.
  • Tone down the dryness of stuffing with a less-cured, moister cannabis strain.
  • Use newer buds with higher levels of terpenes, and cook the food fresh with locally-sourced, organically-grown ingredients.
  • Do what makes sense to you. Use a sweeter, berry-flavored cannabis strain with your cheesecake, but use a spicy, woodsy-smelling strain with heartier foods like stews or roasts.
  • Don’t forget to include drinks in your food pairing. “Humdinger OG” pairs well with espresso coffee. “Tangerine Haze” goes well with iced Chinese tea from the Anhui province. “Blue Dream” pairs excellently with fruit juices such as guava or pineapple.


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Be sure to stay tuned on our blog for more information on our next community event to enjoy more pairing food and cannabis ideas, such as the “Colorado Harvest Feast” with new friends and “Farmily.”

Pairing Food with Cannabis featuring Chef Daniel of River & Woods in Boulder
Chef Daniel Asher of River & Woods with his take on a locally-sourced Colorado Harvest Feast ft. local roasted chicken, Hazel Dell mushroom & White mountain quinoa stuffing, Paonia cherry sauce, and charred Hotchkiss peaches with Colorado wildflower honey. Visit River & Woods in Boulder for more delicacies.

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