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The Farm Genetics™
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Somali Taxi Ride x Sour Bubble (formerly Sour Somali)


Heavy cake of large, oblong, white and amber trichomes hide purple calyxes and pale green hues. Smaller reddish hairs.

Typical Effects

Instantaneous | Energetic | Cerebral | Alert


Terpinolene | Pinene | Myrcene


Sharp, pungent pine and sage flavors with a cedar-like finish.




Go Your Own Way – Live and Let Loose!
Bred from one of the strongest and most energizing cannabis varieties, Pirate Radio is there for the intense cerebral-high Sativa lover. While enjoying a small amount might cause that “looking back over the shoulders” feeling, take in too much and you could end up like a crazy hippie in the back of a VW bus spouting paranoid delusions over a pirated radio station. With an overpowering piney flavor and very fast onset that seems to just keep getting stronger, beware, this one is best left to the experienced cannabis connoisseur!

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