Satisfy the Munchies in Style, with River & Woods and The Farm

River and Woods Partners with The Farm Sensi adWhat’s typically the first thing that comes to mind soon after consuming certain strains of cannabis?

Food. Junk food for some.

But not in Boulder.

Though Boulderites have been know to sneak unhealthy comestibles—once in a blue moon, of course—we are more often drawn to choosing nutritious, locally-sourced, organic, fresh food made with delicious ingredients.

That’s why The Farm and River and Woods – Colorado Comfort Cuisine have teamed up, yet again, to bring guests a perk they can sink their teeth into.

The Farm–River and Woods Discounts Explained

We all know great food and great cannabis go together like bread & butter. In the vain of crafting community, these two crafty Boulder businesses have set up a reciprocal discount that benefits both The Farm and River & Woods patrons.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Save your receipt from The Farm and take it with you next time you visit River and Woods. You’ll save $5 off any lunch or dinner entree.
    2. Save your receipt from River and Woods and take it to The Farm on your next visit. You’ll save 20% off your entire order at The Farm.*

So now the choice is yours: who to visit first? Check out River and Woods menus, then make your reservations before heading out. On the flip side, save time and order from The Farm using their online marijuana store; you can view their entire selection of cannabis products, place your order, then head in to pick it up that same day.

Chef Daniel above speaks about his love of mixing up nothing but the best ingredients, including avocados from Mexico.

A Focus on Craft

River and Woods

Serving traditional comfort food infused with innovation, River and Woods offers a menu that is sourced from the most honest and local ingredients available. Locally-owned by Chef Daniel Asher, and Josh & Kate Dinar, they offer lunch, happy hour, dinner, a refreshing cocktail menu, and weekend brunch, in your choice of indoor and outdoor setting.

Recently, River and Woods won Boulder Weekly’s Staff Pick for Best Cocktail on Draft for “The Beast of Burden,” a mix of Tin Cup Whiskey, lemon juice, agave syrup, smoked orange bitters and a splash of soda.

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The Farm

With a focus on crafting, small batch, slow-cured cannabis, grown using organically-approved methods, The Farm offers Boulder’s best selection of highly sought after strains, like Blue Dream, Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9, and Alpha Blue, to craft cannabis cultivars crafted by The Farm Genetics™, available exclusively at The Farm, like Rise ‘n’ Shine, BackBeat OG, and Cherry Mender.

Set in a comfortable boutique-like environment, The Farm also carries Boulder’s best selection of cannabis concentrates, including vaporizers, CO2-extracted hash oil, bubble hash, rosin, wax, shatter, and more. Their shop also includes a vast array of cannabis-infused edibles, topicals, handmade glass accessories and Farm-branded merchandise.

* This discount cannot be combined with any other sale or used to purchase marked-down products at The Farm.

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