The Future of Marijuana – Cannabis Terpenes

by Nick Bollard

terpenes cannabis close-upEver wonder why your fingers get sticky when you’re cracking open a beautiful, frosty bud? It’s the essential oils in the flower—cannabis terpenes—that leave your hands smelling like you’ve been hanging with Trombone Shorty or Bill Maher. Marijuana terpenes and the science behind these essential oils are the future of cannabis.

As legal cannabis is studied more, researchers are discovering the significance of terpenes and how they react synergistically in the body with cannabinoids. Folks in the industry, lacking a better term for this synergy, call it the entourage effectBoth cannabinoids and terpenes are located in the plant’s resinous glands. These glands are called trichomes.

Trichomes are the tiny, bulbous-shaped stalks that, to the naked eye, look like frost on marijuana flowers. Look under a microscope and you’ll see them individually, when they don’t look like frost but more like a forest of sticky, white trees. When marijuana extracts are created, the oils, waxes, and fats which make up a trichome, are collected.

It has been known for years that cannabinoids have medicinal qualities. However, the discovery of the medicinal value of terpenes is relatively new to cannabis research. The various terpenes in marijuana have the following qualities, depending on the strain:  anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, aroma therapeutic.

For more scientific information on terpenes, see our article, Marijuana Research: Healing Plants.

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